Chief of Staff John Kelly Speaks – Salcido Should “Go to H***”, FISA Memo, ISIS

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Why we love the military men that have surrounded President Trump –  they don’t play games with their words. In an interview on Fox News Radio, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, a retired Marine General, made his opinion known on a wide range of subjects, including the El Rancho school teacher that has now been placed on administrative leave, the FISA memo, and ISIS.

On Gregory Salcido, the El Rancho teacher who ranted against the military:

“Well, I think the guy ought to go to hell. I just hope he enjoys the liberties and the lifestyle that we have fought for.” John Kelly

Kelly, whose own son was killed in Afghanistan, doesn’t much care for people who are military haters. He knows firsthand the sacrifices both the service members and their families make to protect our freedoms.

And we agree wholeheartedly that the commie liberal teacher was out of line in his rant, not just for being a liberal idiot, but for the two students he berated in front of the class. Salcido was placed on administrative leave, as we previously reported.

On the FISA memo:

“It’ll be released here pretty quick I think and the whole world can see it.” John Kelly

Kelly told the radio host that White House National Security aides were going over the 4 page memo at this time.

After the State of the Union address, President Trump was overheard reassuring Rep Jeff Duncan (R-SC) that he was “100% behind” releasing the memo.

Of course, as we’ve previously reported, the DOJ says releasing it is “reckless.” But the contents that may reveal malfeasance on the part of certain people within the FBI is something Americans need to know about. If that’s what it truly shows, an investigation needs to be launched to determine whether it’s a cultural issue with in the FBI, or just the actions of a few deep state malcontents.

On ISIS Getting their butt kicked:

“As he pointed out last night, I think 99 percent of the Caliphate is dead. Is gone. And the ISIS survivors, if you will, they’re still out there. They’ll still cause us problems. But you know, a year ago, we had cities that were held by ISIS in Iraq and Syria and today they’re gone. And that’s a coalition effort led by the United States and led by the U.S. military.” John Kelly

The new rules of engagement brought to bear against the enemy are part of the reason for that victory over most of ISIS. But the work is not done. ISIS is like cockroaches scattering from under the refrigerator, so Mattis’ “merciless annihilation” of ISIS must continue.

With the Taliban and ISIS still killing civilians in Afghanistan, the work of eradicating Islamists is not complete. Even the President remarked last night that the time is “not now” for dialogue with the Taliban anymore that it should be for ISIS.




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