Chicago Police Assaulted, Locked in House as People Scream “Blow that B****”

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Englewood, Chicago, Illinois – Things went off the scale towards  wild on Monday, when three Chicago police officers attempted to arrest a male. Suddenly they were surrounded, locked in a house with people screaming “Blow that bitch” at them.

First, a male spit in the face of an officer. As they attempted to arrest him, another person slammed a two by four into the back of the head of the arresting officer, according to CBS. That person took off and ran into a house. Two Chicago Police officers followed close behind.

Then someone started videoing the incident.

Blue Lives Matter reported,

“Hey close that door. Lock that door,” a male voice said in the video.

“Let him go, po,” he told the officers, who had shoved the combative male into a corner and were wrestling with him on the ground.

One of the officers drew his weapon and ordered the offenders to back away.

“I ain’t leaving,” one of the occupants in the house said. “I want you to let that b–ch blow.”

“Blow that b–ch!” another person in the house began screaming repeatedly. “Shoot that b–ch!”

While one officer appeared to place the first suspect into handcuffs, the second officer kept his weapon drawn in a low-ready position.

“You’re too scared!” they began taunting the officers, whose only accessible exit appeared to be a closed window behind them.

Whether they were telling their cohorts to kill the officers, or hoping the officers would shoot their buddy is unclear. They were playing with fire, and very easily could have regretted their actions.

When other officers arrived, the only access they had to the house was to break out the windows. As they did so, some of the suspects took off out the back door. Then police burst through that door too.

Five people were placed in custody, three of them charged with offenses. A 4th suspect was also charged, but it is unclear why most news media do not have him listed, unless he is a juvenile.

Senneca Traylor, 19 — two counts of resisting and obstructing a peace officer, as well as four counts of aggravated battery to a police officer.

Janice Lewis, 20– aggravated battery to a police officer.

Robert Williams, 28–resisting and obstructing a peace officer and two counts of unlawful restraint.

L-R : Senneca Traylor, Janice Lewis, Robert Williams

This kind of chaos is a recipe for disaster. Had any of those people been armed, at least one of them would have died. Three officers were taken to the hospital and released. The climate against law enforcement is such that if they shoot anyone, they become the center of controversy, fired, or charged with murder.


Featured photo: Screenshot via Chicago Code Blue

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