Chicago Mayor Lightfoot – Video of Cops Relaxing During Riots ‘Embarrassing’

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Video surveillance of U.S. Rep Bobby Rush’s office during the June 1 riots revealed 13 Chicago officers “lounging” around in his office as riots raged outside. Chicago Mayor Lightfoot called it personally embarassing to her. Rep Rush was livid. But did they spin it on purpose and what was the real reason police were in the office “lounging?”

“They even had the unmitigated gall to go and make coffee for themselves and pop popcorn, my popcorn, in my microwave.” Rep Bobby Rush

Chicago Police responded to Rush’s office earlier to a report of a burglary. They claimed that Rush’s staff told them to “make themselves at home” as they guarded the office amid the nearby rioting and looting. So they made themselves at home. Three of those in the picture are supervisors, or “white shirts.”

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot said it was a “personal embarassment,” although it did unify her with Rep Rush for a brief moment – they have been at odds for some time, since he accused her of being too close to the police union.

The Chicago Sun Times reported,

“An outraged and emotional Lightfoot, her voice breaking at times, joined Rush at a City Hall news conference, apologizing to her former political nemesis for the “unspeakable indignity” and vowed to hunt down the officers responsible.

“Let me lead by apologizing to you again on behalf of our city that you and your office were treated with such profound disrespect. That’s a personal embarrassment to me. And I’m sorry that you and your staff had to deal with this incredible indignity,” the mayor told Rush.

Lightfoot said the officers’ “deplorable failure to do their jobs” will only underscore the widespread perception that police officers “don’t care when black and brown communities are looted and burned.”

“You’re not serving and protecting when you make movie popcorn and put up your feet while your fellow officers are getting the hell beat out of them just a few doors away,” Lightfoot said.”

An internal investigation has been launched.

Let’s talk leadership for a minute. Chicago has been a city under Democrat control since 1927. Chicago Mayor Lightfoot is just another cog in the wheel – remember she got herself a haircut while everyone else was barred from it because she was “in the public eye.” That’s privilege. Chicago is one of the strongest Democrat strongholds in the nation.

Rep Bobby Rush is the co-founder of the Illinois Black Panthers (an organization that has never liked police…never). IF Rush’s staff did in fact tell those officers to “make themselves at home,” it was probably a setup and the officers should have had the brains to walk away.

They were all likely exhausted from the constant barrage of attacks outside, and felt like they needed to rest for a while. They reportedly went in and out of the office for several hours. Although Chicago police have had their fair share of corruption over the decades, it seems fishy that they would intentionally go into this office to take a nap,  make coffee and pop popcorn.

“They make it sound like the police went there and were looting the office, stealing crap, putting graffiti on the wall. I mean — it was absolutely ridiculous what she was trying to spin this into… She has an agenda. She has motives . . . the riots are over. The protests are pretty much over for now, which means the anti-police rhetoric has pretty much died down for the most part. That just doesn’t work for her. She needs a roaring fire, not just a whimpering ember, to get licensing pushed in Springfield and passed because she knows that would be a back door to our contract to get rid of officers they want to get rid of on a whim.” John Catanzara, Fraternal Order of Police President.

Other police officials have called this situation “indefensible.”

“At the same time, these 13 officers were popping popcorn, taking a nap, relaxing inside this office, I was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with hundreds of other officers on State Street as we got pelted with rocks from rioters.” Anthony Riccio, 1st Deputy Superintendant

All 13 officers will now be sacrificed on the Democrat altar, whether their use of the office was justified or just plain stupid.

Featured photo: Twitter, City of Chicago


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  • Brigitta

    When police are required to work 10 day shifts with no time off & work 12-15 hours on those days, they well deserve a break.

  • Bo McElya

    She is incapable of being embarrassed and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to check out her past public stupidity.

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