Chicago Marine Helps Rescue Man Trapped in Frigid Lake

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Lake in the Hills, Illinois – Gunnery Sgt Michael Kelly Wulf is a “Chicago Marine.” At around 12:25 p.m. on December 18, he and witness Scott Gesicki watched as the driver of a white Toyota pickup crossed the median into the oncoming lanes, and continued over the grassy embankment into the lake. Without hesitation, Wulf and Gesicki leapt into action, jumping into the icy waters to rescue the man… and his dog… before the truck totally submerged. A handful of others also assisted in getting the man and his dog to shore.

The two men charged into the icy lake without thinking of the possibility of hypothermia or even death from the frigid waters. It’s what true heroes do. Another man, Jason Mok from Crystal Lake, helped rescue the dog and get the man to shore, and an unknown man with a “red rope”  was referred to by Wulf as “also a great man.”

GySgt Michael Kelly Wulf – US Marine Corps photo

According to the Chicago Marines post,

“The truck was quickly sinking, Scott and I knew we had to go in to get him to safety before it (the vehicle) went under,” said Wulf.

Emergency crews arrived shortly after the incident and took the driver, Hans Paulsen, to Sherman Hospital to treat him for injuries.

Due to the frigid temperature of the water, Wulf and Gesicki needed assistance walking from the lake shore to the ambulance where they both were examined for injuries and released soon after.

“Our legs were not working properly at that point due to the freezing temps,” said Wulf.

Wulf remarked that his ‘swim qualification’ paid off in the incident. But he also sang the praises of Scott Gesicki as a “man of steel.”

Michael Kelly Wulf His name is Scott Gesicki and you would love this man. He’s honorary Marine. He went BEAST MODE into the water and he’s so humble.”

Here is the man who jumped in the water with me. Well, I jumped in with him. ? can you all tell him thank you. He’s an honorary Marine and he’s a Warrior.

According to the Lake McHenry Scanner, by the time police got to the scene, the 62 year old driver and his dog were already on the shore. Police did not release why Paulsen went into the lake, though a medical condition is possible.

photo from The Chicago Marines Facebook page

Wayne, a commenter on the Marine Corps post:  The Marine Corp[s] chain of command should be writing Wulf up for a Life Saving Medal. This incident meets the requirements as all three people risked their lives to save others who would surely have been killed (drowned) or severely injured from hypothermia and possible hypoxia. Semper Fi Marine! This just shows how military people are trained to react regardless of their own possible demise. It’s all about the person to your right and left, front and back, especially in the Corp[s].

When others sit on the sidelines and just watch, these men acted without hesitation to save a life.


Featured photo via TheChicagoMarines Facebook page

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