Chicago- Female Concealed Carrier Took Out a Robber with One Shot

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A 25 year old woman was waiting for a bus in the Fernwood neighborhood of Chicago at about 6 a.m. on Tuesday. Suddenly, she was accosted by 19 year old male who attempted to rob her at gunpoint.

Laavion Goings, 19, aimed his gun at her in the robbery attempt. Bad move. He didn’t know she had a concealed carry permit. She whipped out her own gun and shot him once in the neck.  When fear strikes, being able to shoot someone just once and take them down is pretty amazing.

The woman then ran to get help. When police arrived they found Goings a block from the bus stop and transported him to the hospital. He later died.

Screenshot of the woman waiting at the bus stop.

Others in the neighborhood seemed genuinely proud of the woman for taking out the bad guy.

Fox reported,

“It’s tragic that he did die, but the lady had to do what she had to do,” Bianca Daniel, who lives near the shooting scene, told WLS. “She’s on a bus stop, probably going to work, you know, and she has to encounter that early in the morning. I’m kind of proud that, like, that’s what she did because she stuck up for herself.”

Another neighbor said: “I’m glad that she had concealed carry and good aim, because there is so much going on in these streets.”

The woman, who suffered minor injuries during the incident, is not expected to face charges.

Another woman who lives nearby stated:

“I’m glad that she fought back, I’m glad that we’re not reading about her on a slab somewhere. In this day and age, they don’t care whether or not if you’re a senior citizen or you’re middle-aged or you’re a child, if they pull a gun on you they intend to hurt you in some way and take everything that you worked for. We don’t owe the offender anything.” CBS Chicago



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