Chicago Failure: 52 Shot, 10 Dead, 1 Weekend of Violence

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Chicago failure: their rigid gun control has never worked. But it seems that city officials can’t figure that out. Perhaps a violent gang culture might be the problem? Or how about leniency for gang members who commit crimes with guns? This weekend is a case in point: 52 people were shot, 10 of them died in the most violent weekend so far in 2019.

Chicago has some of the most rigid gun laws in the US, yet criminals get their hands of them regularly.

Chicago failure: why?

“Letting gun offenders out on I-Bonds shows there is absolutely no repercussion for carrying illegal guns in Chicago.” Anthony Guglielmi, Chicago PD spokesman

“Chicago comes to life in the summer with festivals, barbecues, and family activities in the park. Unfortunately, many of the South Side districts have been plagued with violence related to guns, gangs, and drugs for too long. And this weekend brought with it more of the same.” Deputy Chief Elgin Holt

Chicago Police has special patrols in certain high-crime neighborhoods. They made 18 arrests and seized 92 guns over the weekend.

“We know who a lot of these people are. And how do we know that? Because we keep arresting them over and over and over again. And it’s just a vicious cycle and until we hold violent offenders accountable the way that they should be, we are going to continue to see this.” Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson to wgntv

The Mayor of Chicago is thinking about firing Mr. Johnson. She’ll make the decision when she studies the continuing gun violence. Chicago’s problems are deeper than more laws or firing officials. People being let out on “I-Bonds” is a practice that doesn’t allow for accountability in the court system.

Definition: Cook County Jail blogger notes: “I-Bonds” are “Personal recognizance bonds” which mean you pay nothing, but the Sheriff can collect the full bail if you don’t come to court after they arrest you for not showing up and the judge orders that you forfeit the bail. (Keep in mind that Illinois does not allow bail bondsmen.)

That’s only one area that could be tightened up. There has been a culture of corruption and violence in Chicago since the days of the Mob, Al Capone and the first Richard Daly. Gangs seem to come with Chicago’s history.

Can it be fixed? Do you have a good logical solution? Chicago gun control hasn’t worked. Firing city officials does nothing except start the cycle over again, which is no different than the repeat cycle mentioned by Police Commissioner Eddie Johnson.

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