Chelsea Manning for US Senate. Traitors and Anarchists Unite?

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Ever since Barack Obama pardoned Chelsea Manning, her hatred of police and the US has grown off the charts. Now she/he is running for the US Senate in Maryland. But if you listen to  the campaign video, you’d think it was from an Antifa organizer. Correction: Obama commuted her sentence.

Did you listen carefully?

The script of the advertisement reads:

We live in trying times. Times of fear, of suppression, hate.
We don’t need more or better leaders, we need someone willing to fight.
We need to stop expecting that our systems will somehow fix themselves, we need to actually take the reins of power from them. We need to challenge this at every level. We need to fix this. We don’t need them anymore, we can do better.
You’re damn right we got this.

Let’s look at that again:

…we need to actually take the reins of power from them.

We need to challenge this at every level.

We don’t need them anymore.

What does that sound like? An Antifa, anarchist platform. Resistance is her agenda. If you look closely at the scenes behind the statements you will see a hatred of police, a hatred of government. You will see an anarchist.

Manning was convicted of six violations of  the Espionage Act  18 U.S.C. § 793(e). The conviction referred to the largest release of classified documents in the history of the United States. Manning was only convicted of six counts of violating the Espionage Act. There ia a serious breach of trust involved Chelsea Manning and her actions regarding the United States. She is not a hero- she is a traitor.

Taxpayers laid out the money for her transition. The left used her as the icon of the transgender movement. But it’s her traitorous actions that should give everyone pause, and should prevent her from gaining ground. Obama’s clemency effectively wiped away her crime, which is how she can legally file for candidacy.

If she manages to get elected with the rhetoric in the above video, the state of Maryland will have no one to blame but themselves. They will not be able to trust her to do what the citizens of Maryland need to have done in the Congress. Her own personal agenda against police, against Trump, against the country, will come out quicky.

We’ve seen many who find the video hilarious and simply laugh at it.  But in today’s half-crazed world of politics, we’d suggest people at least take it seriously enough to vote against her in the Democratic primary. If she were to get into the Senate, she would have access to confidential information. That would lead to disaster.


Featured photo: screenshot from Chelsea Manning campaign video

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  • Rjd

    I thought he said time served, not expunged his sentence

  • John Sweeney

    I thought his/her felony conviction for classified material violations precluded him/her from holding any Government office.

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