Cheesecake Factory and MAGA Hat Controversy

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The Daily Wire wrote in an exclusive report that a black man, Eugenior Joseph, 22, was verbally attacked at a Cheesecake Factory just for wearing a MAGA hat. The employees of a Cheesecake Factory in Miami, Florida reportedly even used threatening gestures toward him and his girlfriend.

The incident occurred on Mother’s Day, and Joseph was wearing his red “Make America Great Again” hat when he went out to lunch with his girlfriend’s family at a local Cheesecake Factory.

The Daily Wire reported,

According to multiple witnesses and Joseph’s own account, a woman who worked at the restaurant walked up to him and started pointing at his hat, signaling for the other employees to come over.

“Her finger was literally on top of his head, we were all looking at her like ‘what is happening?'” one witness told The Daily Wire. “She was pointing at him, calling her other coworkers, telling them to look at this guy wearing a Make America Great Again hat.”

At that point, approximately a dozen or so employees approached the table and began making comments about the hat, with some saying they wanted to punch Joseph in the face. Witnesses also allege that some of the employees also referred to him as a “n**ger” in their conversations among each other.

“So then all the employees started standing there, saying things out loud, like, ‘I’m going to knock his head in so hard his hat’s going to come off,” the witness continued.

One of the employees gave Joseph intimidating looks, clenching his fists and making hand gestures that appeared to indicate that he was ready to engage in a fistfight.

“He got behind me and another coworker came by and they were staring at each other and he fist bumped him and then he started looking at me, balling his fists, smacking his fists, trying to scare me,” Joseph told The Daily Wire.

When the Daily Wire reached out to the Cheesecake Factory, they didn’t speak to them. When they did issue a statement, it was not correct.

“No guest should ever feel unwelcomed in one of our restaurants and we are taking this matter very seriously. Upon learning of this incident, we immediately apologized to the guests in person. We are conducting an investigation and will take the appropriate corrective action.” Cheesecake Factory statement

Eugenior Joseph says no one has spoken to him or apologized to him. The Cheesecake Factory stated that it had suspended the employees pending the results of their investigation.

There have been many reports of incidents in which employees of different stores have treated Trump Supporters with less than welcoming attitudes. It’s the tolerant left at work.

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