Charlotte: Not protests, just Riots, Looting, Violence

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Update- As suspected, Justin Carr who was shot during the protests was killed by someone other than police. Rayquan Borum was arrested in Carr’s death, according to a CNN affiliate.

“A real-time crime center was able to supply footage from cameras that helped investigators identify Borum as a suspect.” Kerr Putney, Chief of Police


Charlotte, North Carolina is the new Ferguson, or Baltimore after riots have erupted over the death of an armed man shot by a black police officer. These are not “protests” – these are excuses to loot, steal and destroy.

The family was reportedly reviewing the video of the incident regarding the death of Keith Scott today prior to release to the public.

A state of emergency

Thus far in the rioting, one man was shot and later died after an angry mob charged a line of police who were trying to protect a hotel. Police say that the shot that killed him came from someone in the crowd, not from them. Of course that didn’t help – they were not believed by the protesters.

Protesters threw fireworks, bottles and dirt clods, then police fired tear gas and flash-bang grenades to get the crowd to disperse.

Nine civilians were hurt, 44 people arrested, and 5 more officers were injured over night, according to Fox News.

Governor Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency and called in the National Guard to help the beleaguered Charlotte Police Department.

“The events that we saw last night are not the Charlotte I know and love.  They are not reflective of our community, of the deep-seated traditions we have of collaboration and peace.” Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts

So let’s hear that b***s*** from BlackLivesMatter again about how they’re just “protesting injustice.” The pandering to this domestic terrorist group has grown far out of proportion to reality.

Unreasoning hatred

That rhetoric of “hands up don’t shoot” and “blacklives matter”  being shouted in the midst of the violence is a complete crock. The man killed had a gun. These riots are excuses and only excuses.

A man who was identified as Scott’s brother shouted “Just know that all white people are f****** devils, all white cops are f******* devils and white people.”

Brilliant- the man who shot Mr. Scott was black.

It’s the unreasoning hatred which permeates BlackLivesMatter that precludes reasonable dialogue. For those blacks who really want such communication and peace in their lives, this kind of activity will never bring it and in fact works against them.

The following videos are examples of the violence in Charlotte:

In this video, a white man begs for mercy as an angry black mob strips him naked:

Then there is one in which a white cameraman is nearly burned alive after a black mob attempts to shove him into burning debris. He is rescued by police.

Or this one in which a black mob steals the cash drawer from a business and takes all the money:

In this video from the 1st night of unrest, “protesters” destroy a police SUV:

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