Charges Dropped Against ALL Officers in Freddy Gray Case

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Charges Dropped Against ALL Officers in Freddy Gray Case

Baltimore, Maryland: Six officers were charged in the death of Freddy Gray, and now all charges have been dismissed. Three of the officers had already been acquitted, and one received a mistrial, leaving two officers still to go to court. This morning, the prosecution gave up and dismissed all charges against the group.

Upheaval in Baltimore

The decision to charge the police officers who arrested and transported Gray was the brainchild of Marilyn Mosby, State’s Attorney. She did so shortly after the medical examiner ruled the death as a homicide.

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Six officers charged – all charges now dismissed

The officer’s attorneys filed a lawsuit against her for the action, alleging the charges to be false.

The Justice Department started an investigation into the Baltimore Police. All Baltimore police officers now will have to wear body cameras.

Her actions and words didn’t help the tense situation in Baltimore then. And today, her words were close to inciting violence against Baltimore’s police.

Marilyn Mosby- Defiant, inciting

Fox News wrote:

A defiant Mosby held a news conference shortly after the announcement, saying there was “a reluctance” and “an obvious bias” among some officers investigating the case.

“We do not believe Freddie Gray killed himself,” she said, standing in the neighborhood where Gray was arrested, a mural of him on a wall over her shoulder. “We stand by the medical examiner’s determination that Freddie Gray’s death was a homicide.”

She walked up to the podium as people chanted “we’re with you” and her remarks were punctuated by shouts of support. 

Gray’s mother, Gloria Darden, stood by Mosby, saying police “lied, I know they lied, and they killed him.”

So is the Baltimore Police Department so corrupt that they’ve initiated a great conspiracy to sway the juries of the three officers already acquitted? Or could it be that there simply isn’t any real evidence to support the charges leveled against them.



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