Censorship Hurts Us All: If they come for us, they’ll come for you.

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Censorship hurts us all. An article in a leftist media magazine known as “The Atlantic” seems to have a hit list for what they always describe as “far-right extremists.” There is absolutely no freedom of speech on social media in any form at this point. But be aware: they have come after us on numerous occasions, and major conservative voices pay no attention. When it happens to them, they squeal loud and long. But if we do not stand together, every freedom we hold dear will disappear to the tyrants.

When recently Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook fully destroyed some famous right wing names (and one leftist jackwagon) from their platforms, the Atlantic was quick to mention Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children as worthy of being trashed as well. Why? Because they accused us of promoting “misinformation” in videos shared on Instagram.

Oooohh. “Misinformation.” What about the right to have an opinion? Free speech must be given to all or it will be taken from all. Remember we are the ONLY group run by a communism survivor.

Rick Ferran, our CEO, is censored so much he rarely gets to stay on his personal profile any length of time. He does memes and videos, and the left hates him. His knowledge of socialism/communism is a direct threat to the left.

So far, the only large Conservative media that reached out to us when we’ve been censored is the Gateway Pundit (God bless ’em). Smaller ones that have been already taken down have stood beside us, but by and large, the big names ignore us. Warning: if they come for one, they’ll come for all.

We are one of the strongest “tribes” on social media. We have military both active and retired. We have police officers both active and retired. We have Firefighters, both active and retired. We have civilians from every walk of life. We are a voice for millions of Americans who uphold the Constitution and love the USA.

This video is Rick Ferran’s statement on the imperative need to stand together as Social Media goes on a rampage of censorship for voices they do not like. They are not doing this for the purposes of “safety” – that statement is a blatant lie.

“We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” Benjamin Franklin

  • Ken

    Been following you from the very start brother Don’t back down keep pushing till election buddy

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