Celebrity Nuclear Experts Promote Obama Iran Deal (video)

 In Satire

In an effort to persuade Americans to contact their elected representatives to tell them to PLEASE! support his awesome nuclear deal with Iran, President Obama has enlisted Hollywood’s best and brightest to promote the deal.

obama iran deal

Whether it’s climate science, income equality, or nuclear diplomacy, celebrities have always been the best source to get your information from. No danger of propaganda there.

Those Hollywood geniuses

It’s common knowledge that when Hollywood elites aren’t performing their craft, they spend most of their down time pouring over research materials, conducting experiments, and running tests to prove or disprove their hypotheses. And it’s all for the sole purpose of figuring out what’s best for all of us. Where do they find the energy?!

When it comes to the Iran nuclear deal, the “celexperts” tell us there are no other options available to mankind – it’s either sign the wonderful deal that Secretary of State John Kerry (who can’t even ride a bike) and President Obama negotiated, or have nuclear war with Iran. Nothing else. We’re just lowly America. Our hands are tied. What else is there for us to do?


Screenshot from video below

 Can we trust them?

But how much can we really trust these “celexperts?” As Carl Denham in King Kong, Jack Black was only in it for the money. Morgan Freeman was fantastic in The Shawshank Redemption, but let’s not forget why he was locked up in the first place – that’s right, “Red” got caught ‘red-handed’ selling nuclear secrets to the Chinese. That’s how he got his nickname. And Valerie Plame? Well, we know we can’t trust anything she says.

There is no doubt this is a serious matter. If this deal is not signed soon by Congress, Jack Black will no longer be able to play Frisbee. He lays that out in great detail in the video. And just the prospect of this deal not getting approval from Congress is causing Morgan Freeman to cuss like Richard Pryor (God rest his soul).

Obama Iran deal

So, is the debate over the Iran nuclear deal “settled” as they like to tell us about their pet issues? Maybe. But maybe not. How could it? We don’t even know what Kanye and Kim think about the #IranDeal yet!

This hilariously funny video should be all that is needed to push the President’s nuclear baby across the finish line. Watch for yourself, but be forewarned – this is some of the funniest s*** you’ve seen in some time, or maybe not.

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