Celebrate now- Will it be the last 4th of July as you knew it?

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Several headlines this morning shrieked “Obama is about to end 4th of July as we know it.” So thought we best be checking that out. We found that yet another regulation proposed by the EPA could indeed affect the celebrations of the 4th of July.

4th of july

Under Ozone Ground Level regulations, the EPA is proposing to lower the acceptable levels of ozone in the atmosphere from 75 ppb to 65 ppb.  (ppb- parts per billion). And they are well aware of the costs.

“The agency estimates that the benefits of meeting the proposed standards will significantly outweigh the costs, preventing asthma attacks, heart attacks, missed school days and premature deaths, among other health effects.” EPA website

Backyard BBQs, Fireworks Displays, construction projects, all may be on the hit list of the EPA- and with the President’s a “Climate Change” Executive order hanging out there, this proposal could become a reality.

The Daily Caller wrote:

Recent studies by the National Association of Manufacturers and other groups have shown that the EPA’s new directive would be the most expensive regulation ever enacted, costing the economy $140 billion annually. Even the EPA’s own cost estimates acknowledge the economic hit from the proposed regulation would be well into the tens of billions of dollars a year.

If it is allowed to go into effect, the new ozone standard would increase the price of nearly all goods and service sold in the America, costing families hundreds of dollars a year. Despite the damage to the economy and the expense to Americans, stricter ground-level ozone standards would do almost nothing to improve air quality.

The EPA proposal would lower existing ozone standards by more than 13 percent — from 75 parts per billion to 65 parts per billion — to a level barely above the naturally occurring level of ozone in the atmosphere….


Will the new EPA regulations end up banning fireworks displays?

The agenda of control

Ozone is not produced normally, it is produced when it bonds with chemicals in sunlight. The “good” ozone is high up in the atmosphere. The “bad” ozone is produced at ground level. Smog is one type of situation that can come from ozone production.

The current ground level  rule for ozone was set 7 years ago. Many communities and companies are not in compliance with that rule now, let alone add another one to the mix. The EPA’s current director Gina McCarthy has already stated that the Air Quality in America is good enough now that the ozone levels will decrease down to 70 ppb WITHOUT this rule.

As usual, it’s all about control and has nothing to do with facts.

Only a proposal thus far

Backyard BBQs – the smoke from the coals or gas burning- and fireworks displays are among the things that may end up banned IF this proposal is enacted. In cities where the air quality is already on the edge, too many fireworks set off across a 24 hour period, with the addition of the ‘grillers’ on the 4th of July, could shift those numbers into the restricted zone. Which may force cities to ban the displays in order to comply.

The EPA may also wish to lower the acceptable level of ozone to 60 ppb, according to their own website. The proposal was set back in November and three public hearings were reportedly held – two in January (Texas, Washington,DC) and one in February (Sacramento, CA) prior to implementation. It is unknown how many people actually attended those hearings – or how many people actually knew about them in the first place.

So celebrate on July 4 now- it might be your last chance!

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