The Catholic University of America vs Islam

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Recently a complaint was received in the Washington D.C. Human rights office from George Washington University. It is directed to their rival, Catholic University of America. The complaint states that crosses in every room at the Catholic University prevents Muslims from being able to pray. The professor from GWU wants all crosses removed.

catholic university of america

This professor, John Banzhaf, a professor of law, already has a pending lawsuit against the Catholic University to end their policy of mixed gender dormitories. He has a history of filing civil rights actions on subjects ranging from childhood obesity to smoking.

His complaint alleges that Muslim students are not afforded space within the University that are free from Christian symbols for their many daily required prayers as dictated by their faith. It appears that the Catholic University has crosses in each and every room. Interestingly, the school says they’ve never received any complaints from the Muslim students.

So, the lawsuit takes offense at the numerous Christian symbols, mainly the Crosses, that are ever present in the Catholic School. They are in the classrooms, the chapels, the cafeteria, and through out the building. For shame! Shame on the Catholic University for displaying the Christian symbol of the cross. Making it hard on the Muslim students to pray.


CUA President John Garvey, standing in front oa one of the many crosses at the school

The purpose is…?

Question number one. What are Muslim students doing enrolling in an “Infidel” university in the first place?

Question number two. Knowing that this is a Catholic University, hence the name “Catholic University of America,” why are they complaining because there are Christian symbols in all the classrooms?

I would expect to see Islamic symbols throughout a mosque or madrassa  (religious schools for Muslims). If I was offended by them I certainly wouldn’t frequent where they are known to be in abundance.

Yet, once again, we see a situation where someone has taken “offense” and sued to get their way. The other side of this is the defendants, in this case, the Catholic University, being denied their rights to practice their faith. In this case, their right to display religious symbols, the cross, where ever and however they see fit within their own property.

If they don’t get their way… they sue

Why would a Muslim want to attend a Catholic University in the first place? That just boggles my mind. They enroll in an openly Christian, aka infidel school. Where I’m sure that the curriculum is heavy on the religion of Catholicism, and displays openly Christian symbols throughout the campus and within the classrooms, and expect that their religious freedom be catered to. If they don’t get their way, they sue.

You see it happening everywhere. The local food banks, where free food is given out to the needy, the Muslims demand that there be a special section just for them and their dietary needs. Go and set up your own food pantry! Why should we all have to conform to the ways of the Muslims? When did Islam become the National religion?

They want freedom FROM Christianity

This country was founded, officially, in 1620. The first settlers came here to the new world to have relief from the religious persecution and tyrannical rule in England. They wanted to be free to worship as they wanted. We have religious freedom here in this country, or at least we did the last time I read the Constitution. The first amendment guarantees the right TO religion, not FROM religion.

What we see here in this lawsuit/complaint is Muslims demanding that they be free from the religion of Christianity. That whatever and wherever they find anything that they are “offended” by,  they demand that those offending things be eliminated so they don’t feel offended anymore.

When will people stand up and say “no more”

If we, as Christians felt the same way, if we demanded that all references to Islam be removed from Mosques, we would be called intolerant. We would be called racists. We would be sued for religious persecution. It has happened. It will keep happening till somebody finally stands up to those that would subvert this country, and force us to their way of thinking. When will this happen? When will we see the push back and finally say enough is enough? What will it take? What will be the tipping point where we say no more?!

What do you want this country to be? One based on the Constitution and the rule of law derived from it or just another also ran? The end of this country as it was founded is not that far off. We have survived over 230 years. Will we survive the next 20?


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