“Casting a Shadow of Weakness” – Gov Inslee Says He’s Not Heard About the Seattle Situation

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With Seattle the center of attention after left wingers took over an entire section of the city and declared it an “autonomous zone”, you’d think a governor would be hot to stop such ridiculous activity. But nope, Washington Governor Jay Inslee claimed he hadn’t heard about that. He is casting a shadow of weakness, which will guarantee a very bad outcome for his state.

The shadow of weakness

When asked about the autonomous zone in Seattle, he said,“That’s news to me.” And then he laughed about it. Pretty sure the citizens of Seattle that are stuck inside the anarchists new country aren’t laughing.

“Negotiations are a euphemism for capitulation if the shadow of power is not cast across the bargaining table.” George P. Schultz, Secretary of State under President Ronald Reagan

Inslee doesn’t have a “shadow of power,” he casts a shadow of weakness. There are around 500 Washingtonians trapped inside the 6 block radius of the zone. Word has it that already the anarchists are asking for money from the businesses in their new “country.” Some of the anarchists are reportedly armed.

“Last night, Antifa activists created a six-block barricade in Capitol Hill and declared themselves independent from the City of Seattle. In this “autonomous zone,” cars are banned and armed guards stand watch at the barricades.

These activist groups are not legitimate authorities and they’ve effectively taken businesses and residents in the neighborhood hostage—and their threats make people too afraid to speak out.

This is what happens when you “defund the police”: paramilitary gangs seize control and impose their ideology outside the bounds of the democratic process.” Chris Rufo, Director of Discovery Institute’s Center on Wealth & Poverty

But Gov Jay Inslee has no clue about it. It’s “news” to him. Perhaps he should actually pay attention to what’s happening in Washington’s largest city. Ya think?

“I own a business downtown. We are moving out as soon as our lease expires. My employees want absolutely no part of downtown Seattle with the homeless, grift and now Antifa. I hope the city council enjoys their anarchist utopia devoid of businesses and ordinary citizens.” @JTRick1618

If a bunch of Trump supporters had done this, you can bet your sweet bippy that the press would be on it in an instant and the Governor would declare a state of emergency.

And so Inslee casts a shadow of weakness as he laughs about anarachists taking over his city.

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  • Les Brigance

    Comment? About LeftWing Commies & antifa taking over the DownTown of one of America’s most beautiful (once upon a time) Cities & the Socialist Governor & Mayor of the Leftist State of Washington
    Not doing Anything?

    In the No Longer “United States of America ” this is Exactly what You’d expect from DemonCraps!

    Nothing I could Possibly say is even Close to the Real Things going On there.

  • Donna Loscomb

    This is insane and someone or someone’s better get this shit under control. I can’t believe what’s happening to my country. And it’s happening because the demtards are letting it. All for power and greed. My president needs to step in and put a halt to this shit NOW!! God help this country ?

  • Sabre22

    He just came out of his basement bunker after consulting with Biden

  • D. R. Brian

    What a sorry excuse for a chief executive officer of ANYTHING!! This WANNABE, who also wanted to be nominated to run for president of the United States, appears to need a guide dog to find his own office. Perhaps he thinks he just won a title and a raise. AND much like the rest of his party thinks ignorance really is bliss and party affiliation doesn’t require him to do anything. I pity his wife, if he has one, and the people
    of Wasnington

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