Cascade Mall Shooting- 5 Dead, Shooter at-large

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Burlington, Washington – A male that media described as “Hispanic” wearing a black shirt and black shorts opened fire in the Cascade Mall just off I-5 on Friday night. Five people died, 4 women and one male who passed away at Seattle’s Harborview Trauma Center. The youngest victim was a teenage female.

The suspect’s actual ethnicity is in question- the photo is anything but clear, and from this writer’s perspective doesn’t look “Hispanic.” He is dark complected, according to authorities.

Police stated that the incident occurred in the make-up department of Macy’s Department store at the Cascade Mall in Burlington. The lone shooter is on the loose and officials have launched an intense manhunt. He was last seen walking toward Interstate 5 after the shooting.

Police searched through a local neighborhood nearby but did not locate the suspect.

 cascade mall

WSP Twitter photo of arrival of EMTs after being cleared by police.

The mall was locked down and people were advised to stay away. Twenty-six police agencies including the FBI combed the 434,000 square foot mall with K9s to clear the mall and evacuate the people.

“Our city will come together, and we will get the son-of-a-bitch that did this.” Burlington Mayor

Survivors of the shooting were loaded in a bus and taken to “His Place” church a short distance from the mall. People with cars in the parking lot of the mall were advised to arrange to pick them up Saturday.

The suspect appears to have entered the mall without a weapon, but 10 minutes later had a rifle and opened fire, killing the victims. No motive is known at this time. Authorities  have not ruled out terrorism, but have no information at this time to point that direction.

They learned that the suspect had fled the mall prior to police arrival, but did not know that  at the time. The Macy’s store is being processed by the Washington State Police crime lab.

Several people have called law enforcement claiming to be the shooter, but the callers’ claims remain unconfirmed. Police are looking to the community to identify the suspect.

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