Carson’s Remark on Muslims and the Reality of Islam

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Dr. Ben Carson made the statement that he didn’t think a Muslim should be President, and it has created a firestorm of backlash. He defended that remark in numerous venues, stating that he would support one if they renounced Shariah law, etc etc etc. (Which would make them an outcast in their own religion).  But the reality of Islam is that their Shariah is a political system, and the goal is subjugation. Period. It is absolutely not compatible with our Constitution or way of life.

“We don’t put people at the head of our country whose faith might interfere with them carrying out the duties of the Constitution…” Dr. Carson

reality of islam

Dr Ben Carson – photo via Ben Carson for President website

The reality of Islam

Let’s take a recent speech by a Malaysian Islamist group, Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia (Isma). They made the statement that “liberalism” – which is the Muslim word for anything western in nature- can only co-exist with Muslims if they are willing to submit to the Islamic system. Note the word “submit.”

The goal of subjugation

Breaking Israel News wrote an op-ed on the subject of Islamic rule. Over 1300 years ago, Umar bin Khattab, the 2nd Caliph of the Muslim empire, made a pact with the Christians living under Islam in Jerusalem. It was known as the Pact of Umar and it listed the conditions Christians would have to follow in order to live under Islamic rule.

It has provided a template for the Islamic State…not that they particularly adhere to it fully because murdering “infidels” is easier. Demanding that they renounce their faith in Christ is more effective in removing the problem.

Here is an excerpt from that document:

1. Christians may not erect a monastery or church nor designate an area where priests hold solitary vigils anywhere in or near their towns.

2. They must not display a crucifix in public nor any of their books in any of the places traversed by Muslims, or in their marketplaces, they may not use amplifiers in their prayers and ceremonies.

3. They must not read their books aloud or ring bells where Muslims can hear them. They may ring their bells in church.

4. They must refrain from any acts of aggression against Islamic State, such as harboring spies and men wanted by Islamic State’s laws, and if they know of any plots against Muslims they must immediately report them.

5. They must obligate themselves to refrain from public religious ceremonies.

6. They must respect Islam and Muslims and are forbidden to say anything against their [Muslim] religion.

7. (this part is missing)

8. Christians must be sure to pay the jizya (head tax) for each male adult among them, in the sum of four golden dinars. This refers to the dinar used in business, whose weight, 4.25 gram of pure gold, is fixed. This levy is for the rich, while those in the middle class pay half that, and the poor pay a quarter. They are forbidden to hide their possessions and are allowed two payments over a single year.

9. Christians are forbidden to own firearms.

10. They are forbidden to trade in pigs and wine with Muslims or in the marketplace. They may not drink alcohol in public, or in public places.

11.They will be allowed their own cemeteries, as is the custom.

12. They must be careful to keep the [general] rules laid down by Islamic State, such as [wearing] modest clothing, laws of buying and selling etc.

If they live up to these conditions, they will be privileged to live in the shade of Allah under the protection of Mohammed, may Allah pray for him and grant him peace,  [this protection] including their persons, property and possessions. They will not have to pay tithes on their possessions unless they bring funds for business from outside the borders of Islamic State. They are forbidden to cheat and they must not be cheated. No one of them will be punished for the misdeeds of another.

Freedom denied

Immediately you can see that life under Islamic rule is about domination, not freedom. The ISMA group demanded that Malaysia not be allowed to follow “liberalism” and “democracy” because it corrupts Muslims.

Convert, submit, or die is the narrative of Shariah and Islam. It has nothing whatever to do with liberty, freedom, or any of America’s values.

So, Dr. Carson, your original statement is correct: we should not have a Muslim as President. Too bad we already have one.

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