Carson, CA Mayor Has Plan to Stop Gun Violence: Ban Gun Stores

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Carson, CA Mayor Albert Robles has a plan to stop gun violence by targeting gun stores, according to KTLA. And regulating where legally licensed concealed carriers can exercise their 2nd amendment rights. He will use zoning laws under his proposal to rid the city of all gun stores.

UPDATE: Mayor Robles’ resolution did not pass, and deadlocked with a vote of 2-2. It’s likely to come up again at some time in the future, but for now, it did not pass.

Liberals simply want all citizens to be disarmed. That’s a fact. Laws that are designed to disrupt American commerce, destroy livelihoods, and castrate the Second Amendment are a case in point. This Mayor is targeting ordinary people, not criminals.

The resolution states in part:

  • Confine gun dealers to commercial zones, and require issuance of a conditional use permit for such uses;
    • Impose reasonable minimum separation distance requirements, preferably of a radius of one mile, between gun dealers and the following: schools, churches, day-care centers, recreation facilities, bars, liquor stores, and residential zones;
    • Provide for reasonable amortization of existing gun dealer land uses which are rendered nonconforming by the foregoing restrictions.
    • Prohibit the sale and possession of firearms on all City-owned property, including City Hall and other City-owned buildings and all City parks and recreation facilities, subject to exceptions for possession of firearms by law enforcement officers; and
    • Prohibit or restrict the sale of specified auxiliary equipment (as may be identified by staff, and not including ammunition) that is related to the use of firearms and that could increase the harm that an active shooter could inflict in a short period of time.

In short, Mayor Robles will use anything he can to disrupt, and destroy the Constitution. His resolution wants to use zoning laws to pull the plug on gun stores (that’s what “reasonable amortization” means- if they don’t measure up to the zoning, they’re gone). And although there will probably be litigation in the courts, it’s the 9th Circuit Court, which is notoriously liberal.

Can Carson, California regulate guns out of existence in their town of less than 100,000? Not even close. It’s a dream of theirs, and a pretty ridiculous one, at that. Targeting law-abiding gun owners instead of the criminal element or the mental beliefs of mass shooters is a giant flaw in their reasoning.


Featured photo: Screenshot of reporter with Carson Mayor Albert Robles via KTLA


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