Carry Weapon: Full Size or Compact?

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What are the determining factors when you choose your carry weapon? Is it size, weight, climate, caliber, and circumstances?

Your carry weapon: full size or compact?

There are many factors to consider. Sometimes you may not be able to carry a full size 5”. Sometimes, depending upon clothing you may have to go with a subcompact. We think more important than the gun choice is the ammo you chose to go with in the gun. Here are some things to consider:

The following is a general rule of thumb. What we see is that for each 1″ of barrel length you will either gain or lose roughly 75-100FPS, depending if you are going longer or shorter with the barrel.
There is a point you can reach that the gain or loss is
maximized out no matter the OAL of the barrel. For instance:
Let’s say you pick a full size using a 124Gr. That load has
probably been tested in a 5” or longer pressure barrel. Let’s say FPS is 1150, which is typical. If you take that same ammo and put it in a 3” compact you could lose 150 to 200 FPS, which could cause the bullet to perform poorly. Again just a general rule of thumb, but if you want to carry a subcompact, what we see in our testing is that you would need a faster, lighter bullet. You lose less energy due to the shorter barrel.

A big, heavy slow subsonic bullet would perform poorly out of a short 3” or less barrel. So actually more important or as just as important is the selection of ammo that you pair up with your size gun.

Choose your ammo based upon the OAL of the barrel for best performance. Allegiance uses a compressed powder metal core that is designed to fragment when it impacts inside soft fluid filled tissue.

Our subsonic line uses a special blend and particle
size heavy lead granular that frags at the slower subsonic velocities. The SilentStrike line 9mm 130 is low recoil, high frag, massive expansion round to create as much damage as possible. It’s great for a subcompact round to carry.


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