Car Plunges into Crowd in Melbourne- Police say Deliberate, Not Terror

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Melbourne, Australia – A man drove his car into pedestrians during a busy lunch time, killing 5 and injuring at least 15 others. But police say it wasn’t a terror attack because they know who he is: Dimitrious Gargasoulas, 26, a Greek Australian with mental and drug issues. Not everyone believed that explanation, however, since the man looks Middle Eastern and was shouting “allahu akbar.”

Here is footage of the attack:

Police rammed his car and shot him in order to stop the attack. He is recovering after surgery at a local hospital.

Dimitrious Gargasoulas was not Muslim, but he apparently thinks he is. He had been released on bail from a charge of domestic violence, and had numerous run-ins with police. He had a long criminal history of domestic violence.

So was it a terror attack? It was certainly terrifying for those who had to run from him, or were hit by his car. Police have found no connection to any terrorist group. The problem is that the actions of those groups influence the wackos and causes them to think deadly thoughts.

One news reporter was actually told to take down her interview with a witness because police were afraid that people would think it was a terror attack. Numerous others picked it up and spread it far and wide:

Gargasoulas was a “person of interest” in a stabbing incident hours before the car attack, which left one man in critical condition.

He posted some eerie messages on his Facebook page, messages which indicate an extremely disturbed thought process. He also referred to himself as the “Greek Islamic Kurdish Angel of Cult.”


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