Car Explodes in Spokane WalMart Parking Lot with Person Inside

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Spokane, Washington – A car exploded just after midnight in a Spokane Walmart parking lot, engulfing it in flames and killing one person who was in the back seat of the vehicle. Ordinary car fire? Bomb explosion? Police are investigating.


The car burns in the Walmart parking lot- Photo via KXLY

Spokane police say that just after midnight, a vehicle  exploded in the parking lot of the Shadle Walmart in North Spokane. The explosion showered glass 20-30 feet from the vehicle, and engulfed the car in flames. When firefighters arrived, they found a body in the back seat of the vehicle.

According to KHQ,

“The body of the victim was removed from the vehicle and the vehicle was taken off the property just after 6am. Police have not said if the victim is a male or female. The bomb squad is on scene investigating what caused the explosion. At this time, authorities are treating this as a death investigation.”

Arson investigators will be working with Spokane Police to determine the cause of death and the cause of the explosion. No information on the victim has been released.


The burned out hulk of the vehicle that exploded. Photo via KHQ News

Police are scouring surveillance tapes from the area in an effort to find more information on the cause of the incident. The bomb squad was sent to the scene. They are asking anyone with information to contact their department at Crime Check 509-456-2233.

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photo via KHQ News Spokane

Causes of car fires

It is interesting that the body was found in the rear seat of the vehicle. Were they asleep when it happened?

According to, a car arsonist can easily set a vehicle on fire using several different means.

Leaks in the fuel system, Defective vehicles, leaking fluids, even an overheating catalytic converter, or an electrical system malfunction are common causes of vehicle fires.

This vehicle was parked in a parking lot at midnight and the explosion sent glass forcefully flying away from the car. Police are continuing the investigation.

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