Car Attempts to Ram French Soldiers

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France – A man driving a car attempted to run down a group of French soldiers that were out jogging near Varces-Allières-et-Risset, which is not far from Grenoble. Two people have been arrested, the driver, and the woman who owned the vehicle. The perpetrator allegedly shouted threats at the soldiers, saying, “I want to kill you!” in Arabic.

“Around 8.15am local time, he verbally threatened six or seven soldiers who were jogging and then insulted a second group of soldiers who were also out jogging. The soldiers managed to get back on the sidewalk without being crushed, the gendarmes cordoned off the area and have launched an investigation, and on the military side we reinforced the security perimeter.” Colonel Benoît Brulon 


Stripes reported,

In the Thursday morning drama, four soldiers from the 27th Mountain Infantry Brigade were targeted by a car, according the brigade’s chief Colonel Alain Didier.

The suspect first drove around the military barracks in Varces-Allieres-et-Risset, in the southeastern Isere region, shouting at various groups of soldiers, said Col. Benoit Brulon, a French Army spokesman.

He returned later, at which point he tried to run down some of the soldiers with his car that they managed to dodge. He then a quick getaway.

Brulon said several of the soldiers were questioned by gendarmes in nearby Grenoble where a police inquiry has been opened.

The Times UK also reported,

The incident, feared to be another Islamist attack, came as ministers attended the funerals in southern France of a butcher, a wine-maker and supermarket shopper shot dead by a terrorist last week.

Jean-Luc Corbet, mayor of Varces-Allières-et-Risset near Grenoble, where today’s incident occurred, had called on residents to stay indoors until the driver was found. Public buildings were locked for three hours.

The attempted attack came less than a week after a jihadist began shooting at French police officers in Carcassonne, then drove to a Supermarket in Trebes and took hostages. In total he killed 4 people before Gendarmes managed to kill him.

One Twitter user remarked: “Is this another horrible terror attack in France? If so, it’s another reminder that social cohesion in Europe is falling to pieces.”



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