Antifa Bike Lock Professor- Felony Charges From Assaulting Trump Supporters Dropped

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Berkeley, CA- The ‘Antifa Bike Lock professor’ who was arrested for assaulting Trump Supporters got off easy on Wednesday. Eric Clanton is a former Philosophy Professor at Diablo Valley College. Originally charged with felonies, he was allowed to make a plea deal on Wednesday which dismissed all the felony counts, one misdemeanor mask charge, and gave him a 3 year probation for a misdemeanor assault. He only spent 4 days in jail.

In 2017,  he was captured on video smashing a Trump Supporter in the head with a bike lock. Court documents revealed that he hit at least seven people at a Free Speech rally on April 15, 2017.

antifa bike lock

The moment this Trump supporter is whacked in the head with the bike lock

Clanton reportedly hit one victim in the back and neck, another on a helmet (knocking a piece of it off), and another across the head, creating a wound that needed five staples. He was originally charged with felony assaults due to the nature of the injuries and use of a weapon. Clanton has ties to Antifa.

Clanton was arrested on May 24, 2017 after users on 4chan matched the professor’s facial features and clothing to that of the assailant.

Here’s the five minute video shot in April of 2017:

According to Breitbart,

Court documents revealed that Clanton struck at least seven people in the head at the Berkeley free speech rally on April 15, 2017. One of his victims had a head laceration that required five staples to fix. Clanton was initially charged with four counts of felony assault.

During a search of Clanton’s home, investigators found documents that linked him to local Antifa groups. Investigators also found bike locks and clothing that were similar to the items used by the assailant in the assault video that was published online. Additionally, cell phone tower data placed Clanton close to the location of the assaults on the date they took place.

The Daily Caller noted,

Clanton originally faced up to 11 years in prison. He was supposed to have a preliminary hearing Wednesday, but instead entered into a plea deal, reported Berkeleyside. Clanton submitted a “no contest” plea for misdemeanor battery and, in exchange, had three felony assault charges, a felony for inflicting serious bodily injury, and a misdemeanor mask-wearing charge dismissed.

As long as Antifa thugs get off so easily, they will continue the violent things they do.

All photos are screenshots from shuttershot45 video.

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