Canada: Reintegrate ISIS Fighters; We Don’t Deal In Death Squads

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So what do you do with ISIS fighters who attempt to return home after the collapse of their so-called “caliphate?” Most countries actively hunt them down and kill them on foreign soil before they can return. So far, Canada has not done so, leaving the country with some 180 ISIS fighters with ties to the country still overseas, possibly many more,  and 60 who have already returned. Not one successful prosecution, either. They would like to “reintegrate” them into Canadian society.

The CBC reported,

Since Canada isn’t targeting jihadis on the battlefield or successfully convicting them in court, says Leuprecht, “the third option is that they just show up and live peacefully ever after. Or not so peacefully.”

To date, only two returnees, Pamir Hakimzadah and Rehab Dughmosh, have been charged with leaving Canada to participate in terrorism. Four more men, some of whom may be dead, have been charged in absentia. To date, no Canadian has been successfully prosecuted for travelling to Syria or Iraq to join a terror group. 

According to government estimates more than 200 Canadian “terrorist travellers” have faced no legal consequences in Canada.

“The challenge is they’re not stupid,” said Leuprecht. “They know that CSIS will likely monitor them using wiretap warrants, on grounds of reasonable suspicion.”

Canada does not have a “deradicalization program” and there is no evidence that they work anyway. These men have spent years murdering, torturing, raping people across Syria. Suddenly they’ll just go home and rake lawns for a living? Not likely.

“I’m afraid we have to be serious about the fact these people are a serious danger to us, and unfortunately the only way of dealing with them will be, in almost every case, to kill them…These are people who are executing people … who have held women and children hostage, who are torturing and murdering, trying, by violence, to impose their will. Our response has to be, when somebody does that, I’m afraid, to deal with that.” Rory Stewart, U.K. minister of international development

Canada doesn’t want to do that.

So, Canada what is your solution?

“Returning foreign terrorist travellers and their families, specifically women and children, require the appropriate disengagement and reintegration support. Canadian Government Spokesman Dan Brien

“Reintegration?” So Canada, instead of taking care of these dangerous people on the battlefield, or placing them in prison, is planning to protect Canadian citizens by support of some kind? Because “Canada does not engage in death squads.” (according to Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale)

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says his department’s job is to make sure the former terrorists don’t become a threat. Too late on that point.

Justin Trudeau said on Monday that returning ISIS fighters may have “serious security implications” but promised to “monitor them” and help them “let go of their terrorist ideology.”

Gag me with a spoon. Newsflash, Canada, they are more of a threat than you’ll ever understand. Wake up!


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