Can Fake News Media Stop the Trump Train? Not On Your Life

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Fake news media, leftist Democrats, and deep state players did everything in their considerable power to keep Donald J. Trump from being elected. When he was elected anyway, they have used lies, fake documents, hoaxes, censorship, impeachment, money, and everything else, including physical attacks to stop him. None of it worked. We The People will prevail in spite of the tactics deployed against us.

Fake News Media Can’t Stop Us

Case in point: Lloyd Marcus, who bills himself as the “unhyphenated American,” is a singer, songwriter, speaker, and all around great patriot and member of the Tea Party, shared his experiences in an article entitled “Fake News Media Can’t Stop us!”

He struggled to find a studio that would record his new Trump Train 2020 song. He struggled to find backup singers. He won that round, but it wasn’t all, another hurdle presented itself: fake news media outlets.

“I sent out a clarion call, and Trump-loving singers came to the Maryland recording session from Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and Florida.  We proudly named them the Deplorables Choir.  The recording session was awesome.  Though meeting for the first time, it felt like a family reunion, with everyone in one accord.

My wife Mary and I, along with members of the Deplorables Choir, flew to California to shoot the music video.  We sent out a call for Trump-supporters to be extras in the music video.  Locals were thrilled to participate because there are few safe spaces in California to openly support Trump.  Again, the atmosphere at the sound stage felt like a family gathering.

For weeks, Mary and I worked with a company to write a press release to distribute it to hundreds of media outlets, announcing the release of the song and music video.  I thought it was odd that we had not received a single inquiry.  Then, three days before our big release date, I received an email from the company saying they had not sent out our press release.  Here is an excerpt from their email.

‘You and Mary are such awesome individuals and in a few weeks, I have such a strong professional and spiritual connect with you that I don’t know how to say this, but unfortunately, in spite of our repeated attempts, the news network did not accept your press release due to certain unavoidable technical reasons. We are refunding your payment via Paypal asap. Hope you’ll understand and not take it the wrong way.'”

Sooooo… the fake news media tried valiantly to stop him from releasing his new Trump Train 2020 song. When you click on that link you may get a message that calls it a “suspicious link.” Ignore it. It’s a YouTube video of Lloyd Marcus’ song. They even try stupid things like that to dissuade people from hearing Trump supporters, especially Black Trump supporters.

Social Media censorship

Then there’s the Social Media censorship that all of us deal with: the shadow banning that 1) restricts our articles every week beginning on Thursday, keeping them out of the newsfeed so people can’t see them at all; 2) makes certain that only a fraction of followers can see the posts even when we’re not under restriction.

Lloyd Marcus stated that out of thousands of followers, often only 250 people see his posts and tweets.  The same with Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children: Facebook either takes our pages down totally, or restricts the reach so severely that few people see what we post. Instagram and Twitter have restricted or outright banned our accounts frequently.  We are not alone, and WE WILL PREVAIL.

The same kind of censorship continues to occur and has for several years against Conservatives. The left doesn’t want people to know that there are real American patriots who love our country. Don’t let them intimidate you.  We The People are on the right side of this battle.

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time.” Thomas Jefferson 


Featured photo of Lloyd Marcus  – used by permission


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