Camping World Fights North Carolina City Over Massive American Flag

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Camping World is embroiled in a fight with the city of Statesville, North Carolina over their massive American Flag that flies over their Gander RV lot. The city has imposed a $50 per day fine for leaving it up, according to the Daily Caller.

“I don’t care if the fine gets to $500 a day… It’s not coming down!” Marcus Lemonis

The company flies the flag to honor veterans and military service members. They posted the following on Facebook:

“The City of Statesville, North Carolina has filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction to require Gander RV in Statesville, NC to take down their American Flag. They are imposing a $50/day fine retroactive to 10/15/18.
Many cities like Statesville have requested that Camping World and Gander Outdoors take down their American Flags. WE WON’T DO IT! Stand with us.
This is about more than just the flag. This is about our Veterans, Military, and the men and women that have sacrificed for this great country. They are the reason we fly the flag and they are the reason we will NOT take it down! Sign the petition –

The company flies a 40’x80′ flag over its Gander RV business. The city states that the flag can’t be more than 25’x40′ if it’s flown by the highway. And Camping World vows to keep it flying, regardless of the “rules.”

“We will not take it down!” – Marcus Lemonis, CEO and chairman of Camping World

Camping World stated that all of its 200 stores, some of which are in other cities in North Carolina, have a massive American flag and no one has bothered them over it, according to wsoctv. Flags that size are common at car or even motorcycle dealerships in Eastern Washington. They’ve been flying unimpeded there for decades.

For Marcus Lemonis, it’s personal.
“My family has been car dealers, had been car dealers since the 1960s, and our key trademark was always flying our flag in our dealership in south Florida. My family is largely immigrants of the country.”

Judging from the photos of this massive flag, there is no obstruction to the view of the “highway.” There is no interference with airplanes, helicopters, or anything else. Having an ordinance just for the bare fact of having an ordinance is ridiculous. If this dealership wants to fly their giant American flag…let them. If you’d like to sign their petition, it’s here. As of this writing, the petition has garnered over 139,000 signatures.

Featured photo: Camping World photo via Daily Caller

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  • Roy Brook

    Didn’t this CEO of Camping World say he didn’t want Trump supporters business?

    • Faye Higbee

      What’s True
      Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis said that consumers who “are in favor of what has been said” about the Charlottesville protests should not shop at his stores.

      What’s False
      Lemonis did not say that anyone who supports President Trump should not shop at Camping World.

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