Campbell County, Virginia Declares Itself a 2A Sanctuary

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It’s starting in Virginia – the very first 2a sanctuary declaration is in Campbell County, just after the election effectively put Democrats in control of the legislature. It appears that #resist has come to the Old Dominion.

New Advance reported:

Brookneal District Supervisor Charlie Watts proposed a resolution to acknowledge the Campbell County Board of Supervisor’s “deep commitment” to maintaining the rights of Campbell County citizens to keep and bear arms.

In the resolution, he declared Campbell County a “Second Amendment sanctuary,” and emphasized opposition to any infringement of Second Amendment rights.

“It’s my opinion that we adopt this and make it known where we stand as a board,” Watts said.

The resolution was approved unanimously.

Backbone. Campbell County is the first Virginia County to find one. There will likely be others as the agenda to destroy the 2nd amendment takes wings in Richmond after the election.

“We voted in Campbell, thank the Lord, and in the surrounding counties, 70% against the agenda that has been put forth by the governor and the new majority in the General Assembly. They’ve told us they are going to do these things. This is us with a voice saying as representatives of citizens of Campbell County that we stand against [them].” Sunburst District Supervisor Bob Good

But the 2nd amendment isn’t the only thing the county is against:  they are “supporting Virginia’s status as a right-to-work state, keeping taxes low and supporting the sanctity of human life from conception.” Ouch- that one too, hits Gov Northam right in the face after he once said he supported infanticide.

The County has a list of things they feel should be in the agenda for all other jurisdictions, and that list will be forwarded to the other counties. Rural Virginia is arising, and with anti-gunners in charge come January, it promises to be a fight.

Featured photo: Campbell County Courthouse via Wikipedia



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