Camden, New Jersey Detectives Ambushed While Sitting in Their Car

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The war on police continues: Two Camden, New Jersey police detectives were sitting in their car at a red light on Tuesday night, when a suspect ambushed them, shooting around 10-25 rounds through the windshield into their vehicle. One officer was struck twice in the arm and the other once in the hand. A manhunt is underway for the suspect(s).

The incident occurred at around 8:30 p.m. on August 7. The two officers were out and about because of the “National Night Out” which is an event designed to bring citizens and police closer together. Numerous officers from Camden participated in the event, which was still going on when the officers were ambushed. It is unclear whether the suspect knew the two detectives were police beforehand.

“The information we have thus far is that they were essentially ambushed…A male walked up and began opening fire. We have anywhere between 10 and 25 rounds that were fired at the officers. ” Camden County Police Chief J. Scott Thomson

Both officers were taken to Cooper County Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

During a later press conference, the Chief remarked,

“Our officers have non-life-threatening injuries but not for the grace of God, quite frankly. The amount of rounds that were fired at close range and particularly through the windshield.”

Police have launched a manhunt, possibly for two suspects. One of the suspect may have been shot, and police have alerted local hospitals. Blue Lives Matter reported,

“Initially, police were looking for at least two black males in a white van with Pennsylvania license plates. The van may have bullet holes on the driver’s side, according to reports over the Philadelphia police radio.

The license plate on the suspect van reportedly traced back to a Hatboro, Pennsylvania address.”

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