Calvin Carlstrom – Fighting for His 2A Right in New Jersey

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Back in 2018, we wrote about Calvin Carlstrom, a retired 23 year US Marine Veteran who was fighting to obtain a CCW permit in New Jersey for his job as a security guard. We talked with him today in 2019 for an update – he is still fighting for his right to carry a weapon so that he can be hired for a job with Global Security.

“I got a lawyer, and took it to the New Jersey Supreme Court. It’s the principle of the thing now.”

In October of 2019, Calvin finally got his day in the New Jersey Supreme Court. Three Republicans judges, 3 Democrat judges, and one Independent listened to the arguments that the court stated “must be heard.”

“Having 7 judges staring at you is unnerving.”

Along with the judges, New Jersey sent two prosecutors to argue against him receiving a permit. Now they wait for the ruling.

Think about it – this is a man who worked inches from a President, his family, and top Marine Corps and government officials with a weapon on his person while in the Marine Corps and now the state of New Jersey is denying him the right to carry…even after the police chief signed off on it per NJ law and he submitted all the proper documentation. But Judge William Daniel stated that he “failed to show a justifiable need.”

And so they wait for the ruling. They’ve been waiting for rulings on this case since Calvin took it to the various courts.

“The best case scenario would be if they overturned the Superior Court judgment and just gave me the permit. The worst would be a total dismissal.  They could also kick it back to the original court, which would put it back to the same court judge that denied me in the first place.”

If it were kicked back, Carlstrom would be able to call witnesses on his behalf. However, Judge Daniel is likely not inclined to reverse his original decision, so it appears that a Supreme Court request is on the horizon. If they’ll take it.

“It’s frustrating. If I wasn’t so stubborn I’d have dropped it a long time ago.”

Calvin retired from the Corps in 2006, and is in need of the permit so he can work for Global Security and make some extra money. But taking a case to the Supreme Court is highly expensive, so he has a GoFundMe account. You can read more about the fight and the USMC career of Calvin Carlstrom at his GoFundMe.

This case is an important one, but with New Jersey corruption in place, could take a while longer. Keep fighting the good fight, Calvin. Semper Fi!


Featured photo: Retired Marine Corps Master Sgt Calvin Carlstrom


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  • Patrick

    Do Bailiffs need to carry guns in the Courtroom should be the argument?

  • Bill Leonard

    Come to Tennessee. Permits available with 1 day training and 6 hour school. Better yet – no state income tax. Semper Fi, Sarge.

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