Calvert County Pro-Trump Billboard Advises Liberals to Get Their Guns

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Huntingtown, Maryland: All over the US there are leftist billboards telling us how to think about Trump and the NRA. We’ve written about them before (see below). But when one Calvert County citizen put up a pro-Trump message, he was told to take it down.

The sign read, “Hey liberals, better get your guns if you try to impeach President Trump.” It was signed  from All of Your Deplorables in  Calvert County

The homeowner was reportedly not in violation of any laws, according to Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans, but decided to take it down “on his own accord.” Of course, only AFTER the Sheriff’s office contacted him over the uproar it created. The sign had been up for a “few weeks” while the owner was away, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Liberals heads were spinning, and the anti-Trump Page “Lock Him Up” was at the forefront of the social media uproar.

Leftist comments from the post were pretty defiant:

“I guess my rifle and my shotgun don’t count. Well you knuckle dragging conservatives, don’t push the issue too far. A lot more Liberals own guns. We just don’t brag about it, we keep our weapons locked away, and we don’t need our guns to get sexually excited either.”

“my dream is to walk up to an open-carry gun nut with his AR-15 slung across his chest like a girly purse at Kroger from behind, stick a banana in his back, and roar with laughter as he pisses his pants.

“Empty words. They can’t do anything unless their welfare and/or disability benefits arrive on time. They’re all talk and no action.”

“Cuntservatives-better get your Kleenex when he is impeached. Use that $10 you got from the tax scam dipshits.”

“Don’t worry there like Trumpsters they will run like chickens!”

So much for civility in any discussion of politics. The owner of the sign changes it periodically anyway, so it’s no big loss. But it is a statement to the nature of current society that only the Conservatives are forced to change a billboard.

Here are the previous stories about the billboards that are still up:






Featured photo: screenshot via Fox News


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