Call to Action: Facebook Censoring Your Voice! We Will Not be Silenced!

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On October 11, 2018, Facebook took down Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children’s public page. We were not the only ones removed – in their crusade against Conservatives and the non-politically correct pages, they also took down nearly 800 others as well. But there is a pattern, and we want you to know what it is and how Facebook manipulates free speech:

Just prior to midterm elections, Facebook does everything in its power to hit places they feel are “spamming” or being “inauthentic.” And they certainly don’t like Conservative viewpoints and basically believe WE are the ones manipulating the elections. But by taking down these voices, THEY are the ones manipulating the elections.

Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children has been taken down near the midterms before. Just prior to the 2012 midterms, FB unpublished us several times. We got our pages back in 2015, after no small battle and numerous appeals. We knew this latest action was coming based on their past bad behavior.

Facebook has taken down literally hundreds of pages¬† – including Great American Republic. They pulled down Doug Giles at Clash Daily (another strong Conservative). They are attempting to manipulate the midterms by silencing any voices with which they don’t agree. [Update: the information on Great American Republic has been corrected. It was started by Tanya Grimsley.]

In an internal link, Facebook accused the pages they took down of having “bad behavior.” They once told us that we should share our content via the share button on the main page. Now they tell us that’s bad behavior and akin to spamming.

They’ve accused us of having news stories with opinions that are “indistinguishable from legitimate political debate.” They’ve accused us of clickbait- which I’ve personally NEVER written even once in my entire life and have told people who write for us not to do it. Our news articles are real and researched- interviews of United States Veterans, political figures, aggregated news from other media, all are legitimate news articles. We have the right under the Constitution to have an opinion on what happens in our country.

Facebook claims to not look at “content” but at “behavior.” And they don’t like ours. They don’t like our memes. They don’t like our opinions. They don’t like our news stories. They don’t like our t-shirts. They don’t like US –or America. We love America.

On October 1, my personal account was completely deleted. I was nonexistent anywhere on Facebook and couldn’t even log back in. I don’t have “fake accounts.” I have an extra one now with my REAL name that was necessary to help Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children do what we do: sell clothing and write Conservative news articles. They returned my personal account only after someone at Facebook actually listened to us about it being my real name.

We are not an “ad farm” either. We are not a “Russian bot.” We are not “inauthentic.” We are real people who are on Facebook as advocates for the America we love: freedom of speech, religion, peaceful assembly, press, the Second Amendment…the entire Constitution. They have not only attempted to manipulate the midterms, they have destroyed the entire Constitution by their actions.

They must be stopped. This is your call to action: contact your legislators. Contact any media members you might know. Tweet to @realDonaldTrump and anyone else who can make a difference. These links go to the Republicans in Congress. If you have a Democrat legislator call them too. Help us fight back.
This link goes to all the Republican House members:

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    I run a Conservative page called Sons of Freedom. I have been following you for a long time and wondered why I wasn’t seeing your posts. I shared this link on every social media site I have! Keep up the good fight! Together we shall win!

  • Shawn Blow

    They’re shutting down individual pages as well!! They’ve locked me out of my main account of 8 years with NO explanation and won’t accept my email or password for that account!! They are hitting us hard from every angle!! I hope you can win the right to have your page back up and running!! I was a very active member in your group

  • Nathan

    How can we get our Uncle Sams Misguided Children feed? This really pisses me off.

  • Kim Johnson

    That commie SOB Mark F##kface I’m so tired of FB censoring conservatives. Democrats are a bunch of commies, scumbags.

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