California Issued Tickets for Sitting in Cars at the Beach

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When Senator Ted Cruz complained that we don’t live in a police state over a woman getting a ticket just for driving by herself, it was the tip of the proverbial iceberg. California issued citations for sitting in cars at the beach, and a lone fisherman on the shore.

The freedom of movement we once knew in America has been whisked away in the blink of an eye.

News10 reported,

“Nearly a couple dozen people found out Friday night that the sheriff meant business when he said keep a safe distance or pay up.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department says deputies issued 22 citations to individuals caught violating the state’s extreme social distancing order.

The sheriff’s department conducted a targeted enforcement operation Friday night between 5 p.m. and midnight in the cities of Encinitas, Solana Beach, and Del Mar, as well as the surrounding unincorporated areas.”

We’re reported before that police were now starting to enforce the stay-at-home orders. But the issue here is one of degrees – Is sitting in your car by yourself a health hazard? Is fishing by yourself alone with no one else around a health hazard?

Senator Cruz believes that the rules are being enforced in a  heavy-handed manner by states with Democrats in charge. Democrats love power.

According to Fox, DC officials say that going for a leisure drive to get outside is allowed, but because every state is different, the rules can be enforced independently.

Relatives have a lake in front of their home and a private dock. Because of Gov Inslee’s order in Washington, they are not allowed to fish from their own dock. Their homes are about 100 yards apart or more, which is about 33.3 feet. Would fishing from your own dock all by yourself be a health hazard? We think not. Correction: Over 300 feet, not 33.

There may be some light at the end of this long, dark tunnel, as in some states the rates of infection are starting to level off, which is likely due to the stay at home orders. But the heavy-handed approach in some states leaves us wondering. You can’t keep people cooped up in their homes for long periods of time without repercussions far and above just spreading the virus.

Featured photo: Screenshot via San Diego County Sheriff video


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  • Nicholas looez

    Sad dissapointing yes freedom of liberties tough call. It’s common sense don’t contribute to cross contamination. To state excuse no one is around u. I get it. Yet u can go buy groceries and gasoline. I really believe give opportunity leave now or get fined. To stay risk carrier a symptomatic etc. Is selfish. Yes just fishing unfortunately u live in a populated area suggest move where more rural have no problem


    Math issue – 100yds is 300 feet, not 33.3 feet.

    Other than that, we have some SERIOUS problems with governmental overreach right now over the enforcement of social-distancing and curve-flattening.

    We have police turning into the gestapo.

    • Susan Marcus

      What if a person is fishing for food?

  • Julie

    100 yards is over 330 feet, not 33 feet.

    • Faye Higbee

      The article now has a correction in it. Couldn’t see where the decimal point was. I must need new glasses. Thank you!

      • Dave

        100 yards is exactly 300 feet.

        These people just bought take-out food, then drove somewhere close and stopped to eat in their car, so the food wouldn’t get cold on the way home.

    • Geraldine Hansen

      Rounding up the cattle for the butchering.

  • Josef Davis

    This is the beginning of what’s called a police state. The president said, not more than 25 people in area. That we SHOULD use judgement on traveling except for food or medical needs. There was NO MENTION of it being against the law to fish or watch the ocean. This was handed down by the same stupid crap that has driven a lot of people away from the state and created homes for the homeless. The ass-hole governor decided he wanted more control. The next decision probably will be to govern what one has stored in their own home. Democratic, bull shit. It’s all about control with the public, nothing more. They are using this virus issue to get as much control as fast and as well much more money into a very broke state.
    Hopefully his actions won’t create any more violence that he already is seeing from closed doors. What a ‘ PUTZE ‘.

    • Roger Hanna

      States may not pass any law or directive that runs contrary to your civil rights guaranteed in the Constitution. All you people who keep believing this spoon fed information deserve no rights as you are not capable of protecting them. Critical thinking is required. You don’t have it. This is just another attempt to chip away at your rights.

  • Todd Barton

    These statutes, infringe on First Amendment…-100%…

    Prosecute these officers for:

    1. Breaking their Oaths of Office to defend US Constitution
    2. Violating First Amendment
    3. Title 18 USC 242 & 241
    4. Pursue them personally using Title 18 USC 1983

    • Roger Hanna

      Thanks Todd. Good to see there are still some folks with backbone.

  • gaymoustachecopmafia

    the police puppets just need better training and clarity on the laws.

  • Dolph

    Please everyone rember this come voteing time!

  • Ken K

    Southern Calif Beach Guidelines.
    “Some of the restrictions include sunbathing. That is not allowed,”
    If you are sitting at the beach and just hanging out, that is not allowed.

    Future Judge Judy Episode:
    DA: “The officer observed said person sitting on a beach blanket and cited said person”
    Judge: “SAY WHAT??
    Was said person, drinking, smoking weed, shooting up heroin, exposing himself, or doing anything else criminal ?”
    DA: “No he weren’t”
    Judge: “What was the arresting officer doing prior to this offense happened?”
    DA: “Well, ah, um, er, he was just sitting in his patrol car”
    Judge: “Was he cited also?”
    DA: “No He wasn’t”
    Judge: “Why are you wasting my time? Dismissed”???

  • Tee


  • davida

    this whole mess is exposing oath breakers all over the country .. remember that in November.

  • Robert Waller

    California, enough said!

  • Sandy

    The good connection between police and the public has been set back a hundred years when the police who took an oath to the public, not their bosses, decided to don brown shirts and jack boots and become Nazi thugs.

  • Barry Anderson

    To the people of California… You have given up your guns given up your liberties… Now give up your freedom. This is why the second amendment is there.

  • D Combs

    Why don’t people remember all the crap movies Hollywood has made about “ Repressive” societies and how the “ Noble People” eventually “ Wake the F—k UP! And throw off their chains and restore their lost rights and Sylvester Stallone or Matt Damon nobly sacrifice everything to “ Make it Right”! Let me know ….. I’ll wait. Semper Fidelis. “ Embrace the Suck the Lefty’s bring’”!

  • jim

    the ticket writing cops are not 6 feet apart

  • Jasonn

    It’s bonehead A-holes like that who give good cops everywhere a bad name.

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