The California Guy with Guns, a Rocket Launcher, TNT and PETN. Did We Mention California?

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Los Angeles – As you well know, in California, guns are tightly regulated. Affectionately (or not) known as “Commiefornia,” their restrictions on gun owners got even tighter on January 1, 2019. So how did this man get so many guns- and a rocket launcher (if real) and two different kinds of explosives?

The LAPD posted:
“Keeping LA safe is a team effort

A community member sees a suspect with a rifle in South LA & alerts the LAPD. The suspect is detained and a search warrant leads to the seizure of a rocket launcher, TNT, PETN, 24 rifles, 12 handguns & silencers. Angelenos, let’s continue to work together.”

The gun owner had a loaded handgun stuffed in his waistband, and was carrying a loaded rifle while riding his motorcycle. Of course someone called the police, there was never any question. It’s California. Was he asking to get caught or hoping?  Was he high? He was booked on felony weapons charges and his bond was set at $500,000.

The LA Times reported,

On Saturday morning, a bystander flagged down officers after seeing the man carrying a rifle as he drove his motorcycle near South Figueroa Street and West Gage Avenue, LAPD Officer Drake Madison said. Police found the man leaving a gas station not far from where he was first seen.

John Menzies, 50, was carrying a loaded handgun in his waistband, as well as a loaded assault rifle when he was pulled over, Madison said.

The LAPD later searched Menzies’ South Los Angeles home and found a rocket launcher, TNT and PETN explosives, 24 rifles, 12 handguns and silencers.

The Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) and other things, including a small packet of what appears to be white powder.

More guns:

Some of these weapons appear to be collectibles. It is unclear whether the rocket launcher was a live one or not.

But the point is that in spite of all of California’s myriad of gun laws, this guy was able to amass a lot of weapons. Aren’t gun laws supposed to prevent that? Criminals don’t obey them  — this incident clearly illustrates that fact.

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