California Gun Buying Frenzy – Because of Coronavirus

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A Southern California gun buying frenzy was reportedly caused by people fearful of what could happen with the COVID-19 virus.¬† According to a local media, it’s happening because Asians are fearful that they might be targeted¬† because of the Chinese origin of the coronavirus.

The California gun buying frenzy began about two weeks ago within the Asian community in the southern part of the state.

ABC7 reported,

Gun sales at some Southern California stores are surging in response to fears about the coronavirus.

“Normally, we’re a pretty busy store,” said Dennis Lin, owner of Gun Effects and Cloud Nine Fishing in Industry. “But this made it really, really crazy.”

Lin said his sales are close to double what they would be typically right now.

“Our staff is not accustomed to this kind of rush,” said Lin, who thinks fears concerning the coronavirus are overblown. “I think people need to gather themselves a little bit and take a step back.”

Many customers at Lin’s store are Asian. And Lin said some of them are buying guns out of fear of being racially targeted because of the origin of the coronavirus.

“Just people discriminating,” said Lin. “We forget, we’re all people. We’re in America, we’re not in China.”

California is notoriously anti-gun, yet people are managing to buy guns. They’re scared of idiots who might discriminate against them, or in other cases outside of the Asian community and in other states, people just want to have weapons on hand should society totally fall apart over the panic (hopefully, it won’t). Panic appears to be spreading faster than the virus.

Hopefully, the folks buying guns for the first time will get some training and learn that guns are not the monstrous enemies the left believes they are. California is rife with more than cases of COVID-19, it has multiple levels of left wing lies about firearms and those who own them.

Mr. Lin says that the California gun buying frenzy is slowly tapering off as of this writing, and many who came into his store were “on the fence” about purchasing a gun. Perhaps this will bring a whole new group of people into the ranks of gun ownership, and help push back the continual gun control push from the left.

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