California Governor pardons 132 criminals on Saturday, 2 were Illegals

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California Governor Jerry Brown pardoned 132 criminals on Saturday, two of which were scheduled for deportation because they had committed crimes while in the US. He also commuted the sentences of 19 others. He claims his pardons were an “act of mercy.”

So far in his second stint as California governor since 2011, Governor Brown  has pardoned a whopping 1,059 criminals and commuted 37 sentences according to Blue Lives Matter. Even in his first term as governor he only pardoned 404 with 1 commutation.

So what’s the problem? States have the right to do these things, but Governor Brown appears to be deliberately butting heads with Trump over illegal immigration.

The pardon for the two men will now likely make it difficult to deport them. They will have to petition the federal government to re-open their cases, but a pardon removes the crime. They may eventually obtain legal status.

Mony Neth and Rottanak Kong are Cambodian refugees, who escaped the Khmer Rouge. Neth was convicted of a ‘gang enhancement’ felony weapons charge and a misdemeanor count of receiving stolen property in 1995. But recently, California even switched out THAT charge for a lesser one.

The Sacramento Bee reported,

[Attorney Kevin] Lo said the pardon only covers the felony charge against Neth, but federal immigration law doesn’t allow the pardon to remove a possibility of being deported on the firearms count.

But California gave Neth another gift in 2014 with Proposition 47, the voter-approved ballot initiative that allowed some felony crimes to be reclassified as misdemeanors. Early this month, a court changed Neth’s firearm count to a lesser charge under those guidelines – another step toward restoring his legal status.

Kong was convicted of felony joyriding in 2003, and spent a year in jail.

Both were due to be deported on December 18, but a last minute Federal court restraining order stopped the process. Neth was “abruptly released from custody” after the pardon. Kong was still in custody as of Friday.

Bleeding Heart Liberals

Governor Brown appears to prefer illegals to his own citizens, never mind whether or not they are criminals.

In a state that hates guns so bad,  Gov Brown pardoned a man with a gun violation. In his penchant to defy President Trump, he signed legislation that restricts cooperation with Federal authorities over illegal immigrants – effectively making California a “sanctuary state.” Misplaced priorities have placed his own constituents in harm’s way.



Featured photo: screenshot via American Thinker

  • Bruce

    Why is it that the left is actually united and taking action towards the desolving of our Democratic Republic while all the Right wing does is make jokes, comments, and arguments (although, as valid as they are). We need to unite and cover ALL the bases. California is on their way towards becoming tyrannical and we have no training as patriots to stop Communist direction this and other states are taking. We need to organize!

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