Calif Firefighters Rescue Old Glory From Raging Wildfire

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Butte county, California – When a group of Calif firefighters rescued an American flag from raging California wildfires, the photo of their patriotism went viral.

The photographer is Josh Edelson, a freelance photographer for Agence Free Press (AFP.) His website is

The Picture wasn’t lost on anyone. News services and private folks picked it up as far away as Britain.

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“This is from my home town Oroville Ca, the Wall fire so far it’s burnt 5000 acres and several structures and is only 17% contained. This photo brings great sadness at same time great pride for the men and women fighting this fire! This photo speaks volumes!!! ” Facebook post from Christopher W Ray”

Sometimes when you see acts of patriotism like this, it gives you the chills. There are still people who love America, and respect the flag. In the face of an out of control wildfire, they risked not being able to get out just to save the flag.  We are proud of these firefighters. They understood the sacrifices made for the flag.


Oroville, California has seen its share of disasters in 2017. Thousands had to be evacuated because of a potential collapse of the Oroville Dam earlier in the year.

Butte County is under a state of emergency. The fires were only 35% contained as of Monday afternoon. The firefighters are doing their level best to save  homes. Some of the evacuations in this county were downgraded to voluntary late in the day, but fire officials told people to be aware in case it flared up again.

The San Diego Tribune reports California is under siege from 15 wildfires so far.

This video from KCRA shows some of the damage. At least 5,400 homes were in the path of this fiery monster.

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