Bus Crashes Taking Wheelchair Bound Vets to Ballgame, Police Step Up

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“Take me out to the ballgame” is all nine wheelchair bound veterans wanted to do Thursday afternoon. The group was being driven to a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game, from the nursing home they live at, when the bus they were travelling in tried to go under a railroad bridge overpass that had a low clearance.

The accident peeled off part of the roof on the bus, but fortunately no one was injured. It takes more than a bus crash to stop a group of American veterans. Pittsburgh Police showed up on the scene shortly after and began to get details about what happened, as well as calling for assistance in removing the bus from the roadway.

At that point, the main problem for the stranded veterans was that it was going to take around two hours for the nursing home to get another bus to pick them up and bring them back.  This wouldn’t do, because the group still wanted to see the game.

Chief Jeffrey Meyer, of City of Pittsburgh EMS, said the incident brought out the best in everybody, after what could have been a much worse outcome:

All these individuals decided they were not hurt. We’ve evaluated them. They all want to go to the game and the officers are taking them. It’s just public safety working at its best.

Because we owe our veterans so much, police officers at the scene took it upon themselves to push the wheelchair bound veterans the half-mile to PNC Park so they could enjoy the entire ballgame.

Gotta love those police officers!

One of the veterans, Ken Cotter, who served in the Air Force and still wanted to go to the ballgame, expressed his appreciation for the police:

They always show up when you need them, if you’re lucky. And today I was very lucky.

By the way, the Pirates won the game.

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