Burned, Decapitated Animal Carcass Left on Staffer’s Front Porch – DHS Issues Warning of Heightened Danger

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DHS issues warning of heightened danger: Deputy DHS Secretary Claire Grady wrote in a department wide letter over the weekend that staffers need to be aware of the heightened danger against them and their families. One DHS staff member had a burned, decapitated animal carcass left on the front porch, according to Fox News.

“This assessment is based on specific and credible threats that have been levied against certain DHS employees and a sharp increase in the overall number of general threats against DHS employees…Always keep doors and windows locked, and be aware of unexpected changes in and around your home.” Acting Deputy DHS Secretary Claire Grady in a memo released Saturday.

There have been dozens of threats made against federal employees in recent days, according to ABC News, particularly after the list of ICE employees was made public by Antifa and now Wikileaks. But one stands out: one DHS staff member found a decapitated, burned animal carcass on their porch. It is unclear when the incident occurred.

According to the Daily Mail, DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen had protesters surround her home after the Mexican restaurant incident and played an audio tape on a loop of childen screaming while they chanted “shame.”

Sarah Sanders stated that the owners of the Red Hen in Lexington actually followed her across the street to the other restaurant that she went to.

None of that counts the threats made against ICE staff.

There is something we can do about it, and James Woods put out several pieces of excellent advice. The ‘silent civil war’ is neither silent nor civil. The only question remains is when one of the lunatic left will snap.

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  • Amy Murcia

    Exactly!! I am just sick of all this!! Anyone who does these things should be permanently removed from office. You can bet that if someone gets injured or killed they can for sure go after her for inciting people to harass or harm others. Not to mention she would be sued and stripped of everything she knows! I am not surprised though when it comes to her, she is as corrupt as they come…….always has been and always will be!!! Is there a petition out there yet that we can all sign?!?!

  • Susan

    of course you can use it, it just the most offensive word to the majority of women. It’s specifically a body part.. vagina. Do you really want to think about Cray-Cray Maxine’s vagina!? ????

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