Bundy Ranch Standoff Trial Surprise: Feds Supposed to Leave the Day Before

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When Federal Agents testified Thursday at the trial of some of the Bundy Ranch protesters from the April 12 Standoff in 2014, several things became abundantly clear: a) it could have been a bloodbath, b) Feds were allegedly told to stand down on April 11, and c) there may have been a mole who was deliberately feeding the FBI misleading information.

Somebody’s lying

According to the testimony of Daniel Love, the BLM agent in charge of operations, “authorities were going to release Bundy’s cattle, pack up and leave the wash. They said a news release signaling the standoff was over would be sent out the next day.”

But that’s not at all what happened. The National Park Service Rangers claimed to be extremely nervous, and assumed they were going to be overrun by militia during the night on April 11. They also told the court that the information for that came from the FBI.

AZ Central reported,

She said her team twice requested permission to fall back and her supervisor denied their request.

U.S. Park Police Officer Brandon Novotny, who was armed with the gas-canister launcher in the stack, testified that officers were warned armed militia members were going to attempt to overrun the command post on the night of April 11.

“We had intelligence from the FBI that individuals on a domestic terrorist watch list had arrived and were camped out at the Bundy compound,” he said. “We received intelligence there was going to be an attack.” …

…National Park Service Ranger David Keltner also testified his team was told in intelligence briefings that authorities were going to be attacked imminently by militia members.

That’s interesting. Either the whole kit and kaboodle was supposed to stand down and diffuse the situation on April 11, or pieces and parts were told about this “intelligence” of an imminent attack. Someone was trying to start a bloodbath.

There may have been a mole who was feeding (intelligence) misinformation to the federal authorities. A mole that wanted to see bloodshed.

It is immensely fortunate that the BLM and the National Park Service failed to fire their weapons, even the less lethal ones. Those could have been mistaken for real gunfire and set the entire situation off. The National Park Service testified that they had “clearance” to do so. Had they started the fight, many people would likely have died. After they left the wash, agents testified that they were given “30 minutes to clear out in case the militia came after them.”

Why would Daniel Love have not advised the National Park Rangers of the alleged stand down order on April 11? Why did some agents walk around without any protection whatsoever while others claimed they were hunkered down expecting to be attacked?

Somebody is lying. As it turned out, not one shot was fired, and the BLM indeed packed up and left. They had initiated a roundup of 1,000 head of cattle, some of which they allegedly killed or ran to death, but released the remaining ones just prior to leaving.

But had they actually left the day before the April 12 standoff, there likely would have been no standoff in the first place.

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