Buncombe County Sheriff Candidate Who Joked About Killing Gun Owners Loses Election

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Democrat sheriff candidate Daryl Fisher thought it was funny to suggest killing gun owners during one of his appearances in the runup to the primary in Buncombe County, NC. The great news is, he lost the primary on Tuesday.

The controversy

“You’ve heard people say: ‘You’ll have to pry my gun from my cold, dead hands… Okay.” Daryl Fisher

This is the event where he made the remark:

He apologized later, but the remark shows the mentality of a man who should NEVER wear any kind of badge for the protection of citizens. The Sheriff is the primary law enforcement official in a county. If they joke about killing lawful gun owners, there is a severe problem. This is the reason we as gun owners have difficulty getting through to the liberals – their lack of desire to dialogue. It’s a political issue that should have rational discussion…but it rarely seems to.

Fortunately, Fisher lost the primary, coming in third. Why did he lose the primary?Hopefully because even the Democrats in Buncombe County found his remark egregious. Were those who DID vote for him, all 3,335 of them, either out to lunch and had no clue what they were voting for, or were they hoping for the scenario that Fisher advocated?

Does Daryl Fisher know why he lost? Does he care? The primary was for Democrats. There is no primary for Republicans.

The elections results according to WLOS:

Buncombe Co. Sheriff (D)
> Quentin Miller (D) 13,168 54%
Randy Smart (D) 5,828 24%
R Daryl Fisher (D) 3,335 14%
Chris Winslow (D) 1,305 5%
Rondell Lance (D) 780 3%

Tom Knighton at Bearing Arms noted on Wednesday,

“Regardless, though, Fisher is probably sitting there today, wondering where it all went wrong. Then again, maybe he’s more self-aware than some presidential candidates of recent years and knows what the problem was. Maybe he realizes people saw his willingness to kill people over what is basically a political disagreement as being something they’d rather not have in law enforcement.

Right on, Tom. None of us want that kind of a sheriff.

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