Bump Stock Ban – Compliance May Be an Issue

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The Justice Department has created a Bump Stock ban, ruling that they are not legal to sell or possess and people must turn them in prior to March, 2019. It’s a total reversal of their 2012 decision that said bump stocks could not be regulated without Congressional action because they are not machine guns. There has been no Congressional action.  How will they enforce such a regulation? Good question.

ONE person used bump stocks in a mass shooting situation. ONE. No other mass shooter has used such a device. This is a terrible precedent, and enforcement is going to be nearly impossible. Will people who own bump stocks actually turn them in? They came to this decision after a period of waiting in which 35,000 people responded to the proposal for a bump stock ban.

“No amount of infringement upon the civil rights of America will stop homicidal maniacs from carrying out their wishes.” Bryan Melchior to Fox News

Lawsuits will be filed against this action.

USA Today wrote (emphasis mine),

Justice Department officials, who issued the ban Tuesday, said owners of the cheap plastic accessories that can make off-the-shelf semiautomatic rifles fire almost as rapidly as a machine gun will have 90 days to either turn them over to federal agents or to melt, shred or crush them. Those who don’t face the threat of criminal penalties.

Both gun owners and advocates of tougher restrictions questioned its effectiveness. Because officials had long taken the view that the stocks weren’t covered by federal gun laws, their sales weren’t tracked and the government has no way to determine who owns one.

Some states and cities acted more swiftly to ban the devices on their own, but they’ve had little success getting people to surrender them. In Massachusetts, the first state to impose a ban, only a handful of the devices have been surrendered to state police. In Denver, where a citywide ban passed in January carrying a fine and jail time, police reported zero surrenders.

The fact is, the government didn’t track them. So whether or not people actually turn them in or “melt or crush them” is going to be a mute point. And it is unlikely that law enforcement has any desire, or even the manpower, to go door to door to confiscate them. Likely they will have to rely on people to rat them out or if they are accidently found during other calls for service.

It is ineffective, and doesn’t take into account the mental state of the owners. Because of one person they have chosen to create a nearly impossible enforcement situation, not to mention take a huge run at destroying the Second Amendment. Sorry, Mr. President, we don’t stand with you on this one.

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