Bucks County, PA- Man Who Lied About Navy Service Gets More Jail Time for More Lies

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Bucks County, PA – Joseph Gorzoch claimed to be a Navy “Sergeant” who served in Afghanistan and suffered from service-related PTSD complete with “flashbacks and nightmares” after an explosion, according to Stars and Stripes. But the US Navy does not have the rank of “sergeant.”

He later claimed to have completed a 90 day Alcohol Rehabilitation Program while in prison when he had only been in jail for 67 days.

Joseph E. Gorzoch, 43, can’t seem to stay out of trouble for lying. He was sentenced on March 21 on DUI and Theft charges. His lies about serving in the military did not serve him well, as the Deputy District Attorney saw right through them. Gorzoch also lied about his mother dying in an effort to postpone his hearing in District Court.

“Just another lie on top of a lie, on top of a lie.” Deputy District Attorney Bob James, USAF veteran

During the sentencing proceedings, he claimed to have completed a 90 day program of alcohol rehab, which the judge factored into the sentence. But he never finished it and was bailed out after 67 days. Bucks County Deputy District Attorney Bob James checked with the prison and filed a motion of reconsideration in order to have the Judge revisit the lighter sentence.

On Monday, President Judge Wallace H. Bateman Jr. added one to two years to Gorzoch’s sentence. He will now be in prison for 5 to 10 years, according to the Bucks County Courier Times.

James is an Air Force Veteran, so he knew that Gorzoch’s claims were fishy. He stated that the lies “dishonored” those who truly served their country.

“And these were all claims that we could rationally and quickly check on. He’s nothing but a sham.” Bucks County Deputy District Attorney Bob James

There is no real excuse wide enough to claim to have served in the military when they did not. Our military has enough trouble without pretenders attempting to dress up nonexistent service with lies. Mr. James is correct: it’s deeply dishonoring to the real service members.

Featured photo: Joseph Gorzoch, of Bensalem, Pennsylvania – Bucks County Department of Corrections

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