Brussels Policemen Stabbed – Terror Attack

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Belgium – Two Brussels police officers were stabbed in what officials are calling a terror attack. The incident occurred in the Schaerbeek area of Brussels, which is known to be a hotbed of jihadist activity. The Brussels Gare du Nord train station in the area had just been shut down due to a bomb scare.

One officer was knifed in the neck, and another in the abdomen. They are expected to recover.

According to the Guardian, the suspect was shot in the leg by an officer who had his nose broken by the suspect.

The Telegraph UK reported,

The violent assault, which ended in the suspect being shot in the leg, took place as one of the Belgian capital’s main train stations was briefly closed due to a bomb scare.

The assailant, named by the Brussel prosecutor only as Hicham D, a 43-year old Belgian national, lunged for the officers in a busy main road in Schaerbeek – the Brussels neighbourhood where the terrorists behind the airport and metro attacks of March 22 had set up their bomb making factory…

The assault came hours after Brussels Gare du Nord train station was evacuated following a bomb scare sparked by an anonymous phone call.

Police combed the station buildings for hours, causing major delays, but found “nothing untoward”.

The station was re-opened at around 3pm local time.

Brussels police officer stands guard over the evidence in the terror attack on police – twitter photo

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