Brookhaven, MS- Outraged Community After Visiting Band’s Halftime Show

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Mississippi – Last week, we reported that two Brookhaven police officers were shot and killed. On Friday night, according to WLOX, Forest Hill High School came to Brookhaven High School for a football matchup. But it was the half-time band performance of Forest Hill that created an uproar.

Update: According to WLOX, the Forest Hill Band Director has been suspended.

Band members dressed as doctors and nurses held guns on what appeared to be “SWAT” team members. But Brookhaven had two police officers killed in the line of duty on September 29, so the community is outraged.

More than likely this was a political stunt by the band director or the students that was supposed to provoke gun control conversations, but gave the impression that killing police is okay. Instead, community members called it “insensitive” and angrily responded to the ridiculous actions. That is an understatement.

One comment on social media read:

“Not even one week ago, two officers were shot and killed in Brookhaven, Mississippi. Last night Forest Hills High School Played Brookhaven High School in a football game, not far from where the officers were killed. Forest Hill High School thought it would be appropriate for their halftime performance, at Brookhaven High School, to reenact officers being shot. They went as far as bringing fake guns, which last I checked was automatic expulsion from schoo, to be used in the performance. Even if the students came up with this, someone from the school had to approve it. This only goes to show how this crap is taught and promoted, even within the school, versus putting and end to it right off the start. It does not get any lower than what Forest Hill did. I’m looking forward to seeing how the school plans on handling this.” J

Whoever came up with this stunt should be fired or expelled as the case may be. It’s not just “insensitive” – it promotes the kind of actions that endanger police officer’s lives. The full band and director should apologize to the entire city. There should also be punishment involved for those who participated: they should have to spend a certain amount of hours actually being with police officers, getting to know them, hanging out enough to see what they deal with on a daily basis.

Since when do high school band members participate in political drama? What happened to marching and playing music?  This whole thing is unconscionable, and yes, some of us are outraged.


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  • Rufus


  • Frank

    People in their communities need to take back the school system, every sovereign Nation that was overthrown it began with media propaganda and infiltrating the school system using the youth against even their parents remember Nazi Germany and today its the Demoncrat party.

  • Dan Burge

    The director should be terminated. I have been in law enforcement 13 years serving my community and another Four serving our country.

    This is the message we want our kids to read.

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