Broken Arrow, Oklahoma- Brazen Burglars Shot at by Homeowner

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Broken Arrow, Oklahoma – One homeowner shot at a trio of brazen – armed – burglars that attempted to break into their home in broad daylight this week.

“The suspects were not wearing masks, which is uncommon. It’s also what appears to be broad daylight, which is also uncommon.” Officer James Koch, Broken Arrow Police Department.

That they are not wearing masks is a good thing- it means they’ll get caught quicker.

KTUL reported that Broken Arrow police are investigating, and working on developing leads. Officer Koch stated that there would be no charges against the homeowner who fired the shot from inside his home.

“Everyone in the State of Oklahoma has a right to defend themselves inside their home.” Officer Koch

The homeowner asked not to be identified, fearful that the armed men would return. Neighbors were unhinged at the prospect of armed individuals attempting to get into houses.

While it is ‘uncommon’ for burglars to attempt a daylight invasion, it’s not actually rare anymore. Burglars tend to sneak in at night or when no one is home, but they are becoming bolder in today’s world. There’s more prison time involved if someone is home – it becomes a whole different charge entirely – usually robbery or home invasion.

Broken Arrow has had these kinds of incidents before. In November 2018, five suspects were charged after the group kicked in the front door on Thanksgiving. The homeowner grabbed his gun and shot at them; one of the suspects was hit and hospitalized. All five suspects were apprehended and charged.

Here is the home surveillance video:

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