Brits Fight Off London Bridge Attacker with Fire Extinguisher and Narwhal Tusk

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There is something to be said about improvisation when it comes to fighting off an attacker. When Usman Khan, a convicted Islamic terrorist began stabbing people on the London Bridge yesterday, members of the public ran toward him in an effort to save lives. Just remember, Brits fight.

Lukasz, the man with the 5 foot narwhal tusk, is a chef originally from Poland. When Khan started stabbing bystanders, Lukasz tore an ornamental tusk off the wall at his place of employment as a fishmonger and ran toward the danger. He was injured in his effort, but is now being called a hero. The extent of his injuries was not released.

Another member of the public grabbed a fire extinguisher and used it. He too is a hero, but perhaps because he is a ex-con who was there for the prison event, media didn’t want to bring much attention to him.

Twitter user Martin Shapland wrote that it could have been a Monty Python sketch, except for its extraordinary act of heroism. Lukasz is Polish, and the other gentleman was who was there for a seminar to assist in his rehabilitation from being in prison. The incident actually took place during the rehabilitation event.

The suspect was Usman Khan, a man who spent 6 years in prison after being convicted of terrorist activities.  Apparently he wasn’t as rehabilitated as authorities thought after they let him out on early release in 2018. Even the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said that practice was something they “need to get out of the habit of.”

Usman Khan, West Midlands Police photo


The suspect was wearing a suspected suicide vest. It wasn’t until after the incident and Khan was shot by police that they saw that it was a hoax device. The fact that these two men ran toward the danger with no thought of their own safety is remarkable.

Featured photo via Twitter


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