Britain Completes Execution of Non-Royal Alfie Evans

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Amid their jubilation over the birth of the latest royal baby, the British government has successfully executed innocent toddler Alfie Evans, by starving him to death this week. The class system seems to be thriving in England. They must be so proud.

Despite other options that were offered – including Italy taking Alfie off England’s hands, which was refused – the 23-month-old Alfie became the latest victim of the National Health Service. The NHS is a healthcare system that Obamacare had hoped to emulate.

The cruel truth of death panels

But Alfie had become a cost-ineffective liability to the State, and British courts decided to kill the little guy instead. Why were they afraid to let the Evans family take him to Italy? Were they afraid of the possibility that he might somehow improve, making British doctors look bad? It wouldn’t have cost England anything to let the boy go to Italy for treatment.


The hospital where Alfie’s death sentence was carried out, Alder Hey Hospital, in Liverpool, had become such an emotionally charged place that police officers were stationed throughout the building to keep protesters out. They were even¬†ordered to keep Alfie’s parents from removing him from the hospital, or even giving him water.

Granted, the staff at Alder Hey had been put in a tough position and faced public backlash for having to carry out the rulings from British courts regarding Alfie’s care. However, the situation highlights what can happen when a country is allowed to usurp the wishes of parents in healthcare decisions.

According to the hospital, authorities were:

Shocked at the barrage of abuse that came from some quarters after finding themselves at the centre of a social media storm.

We cannot allow this form of socialized medicine to take hold in America. Obamacare has been stymied this time, but there will be other attempts in the future by people who don’t care about unintended consequences like this.

It’s too late for England, but hopefully we can learn something from this tragedy. RIP, little man.

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