#BringBackFields – Students Stage Walk Out to Support Fired Officer

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Hundreds of students walked out of class on Friday at Spring Valley High School to show their support for fired School Resource Officer Ben Fields after he tossed a black girl onto the floor and dragged her out of the classroom. You saw that right- hundreds of students. We previously reported the incident that resulted in his loss of job, and has everyone in an uproar. But it appears that the students want the “aggressive” officer back.

 support fired officer

Students at Spring Valley High School staged a walk-out on Friday morning to support fired School Resource Office Ben Fields – Twitter Photo

Support Fired Officer Ben Fields

The students staged a walkout at 10 a.m. Friday morning and assembled in the school’s atrium.

Though school administrators talked the students back into the classroom, parents said that the demonstrations may continue after school and even at tonight’s football game.

“He was a great guy. He protected us and everything. He was our school resource officer. We always could depend on him and everything. Every time I saw him, he was always joking around with people. It was never like ‘Oh, I’m about to body slam you.'” London Harrell, SVHS Student

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that what people think they see in a 49 second video may not be the reality of the situation. The students appear to want their “aggressive” school resource officer back. Why? Maybe he wasn’t the “racist” monster the media claimed.

It is unlikely that either the school administration or the Richland County Sheriff will listen to the student’s desires.  The situation is too hot to handle, with the media pressure strong on the school. That and the budding lawsuit from a black kid who now believes she can do anything she wants and get the attention for it.  Ben Fields becomes just the latest in a long line of policemen who have lost their jobs because the media ran with a short video.

Did he lose his temper? No doubt. Should he have been fired? Good question.


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