Brevard County Sheriff Tells Constituents to Arm Themselves

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Brevard County Sheriff  Wayne Ivey advised people to arm themselves in a video posted online after a fatal workplace shooting that took the lives of 5  victims.

It’s the exact opposite of Austin, Texas Police Chief Art Acevedo, who issued a statement after a shooting in Austin in 2014:

“And that’s why it’s important for us as Americans to know our neighbors, know our families — tell somebody. If you know somebody that is acting with a lot of hatred towards any particular group- especially if it’s somebody you know is a gun enthusiast or is armed with these type of firearms and they’re showing any kind of propensity for hatred- it doesn’t mean we’re going to take them to jail, but we might want to vet these people.” December, 2014

It’s the liberal approach versus the Conservative approach, and the liberal approach has been shown time and time again to fail. Chief Acevedo was talking about the death of Larry McWilliams, who was killed by a police officer after he attacked the Federal Courthouse in Austin and tried to burn down the Mexican Consulate in December of 2014.

Brevard County Common Sense

But Sheriff Ivey has a common sense approach – it’s war and he wants people to prepare to defend themselves. Other law enforcement officials were upset that the Sheriff would have his officers “encounter even more guns.”

“Folks, now more than ever is the time for our citizens to be prepared to serve as the first line of defense, not only for them, but for their families…
What’s next is to fully understand that this is war, and you better be prepared to wage war to protect you, your family, and those around you if attacked…”

The Sheriff encouraged people to take self-defense classes, and carry their guns with them at all times. Even though a person might call 911, it may take some time before police arrive:

“Until they arrive, it’s up to you and those with you to neutralize or eliminate the threat.”

While some people accused Sheriff Ivey of “fear mongering,” others praised his stance.

Dawn wrote, “thank you Sheriff Ivey. I am happy I chose not only Florida but Brevard Co, as my permanent home. To know that our law enforcement respects us, law abiding citizens, and that you put your faith not only in your deputies, but us as citizens, is so heartening. I took up your call last year, and followed your sage advice. We are the front lines and we are not afraid to protect ourselves, our families and those innocents in the face of such wanton destruction. Keep up the good work.”

Then there was liberal Sara who wrote, “How is this helpful? The point of terrorism is to scare people and get a panicked response from them, to disrupt their everyday lives with anxiety. You are doing far more harm than good by trying to get everyone armed and on edge.”

The liberals are blind to the dangers around them. Orlando has had numerous fatal incidents over the last 3 years, and preparing for such issues is important. Whether an attacker is an ISIS sympathizer such as Omar Matteen, or a disgruntled employee you think you know, it’s past time to be prepared. Being a victim should not be on the menu for your day.  Thanks, Sheriff Ivey!


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