Brett Kavanaugh Hearings- The Death of the Constitution

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What should have been the pinnacle of a stellar career has been turned into a sham  of lies, threats, and plots of destruction by leftists. And Kavanaugh’s nightmare will not be over even if he is confirmed.  They don’t really care about him- they want to prevent Trump from seating anyone on the court that could sway the bench to the right. Which is why Gorsuch was relatively easily confirmed. The US Constitution has been trashed – the rule of law no longer applies, and due process is dead.

Liberals looked high and low (emphasis on the low) for people willing to trash the Judge. Is it just a coincidence that ALL of the accusers are leftists? No such thing as coincidence. And the more delays, the more dirt they’ll find, manufactured though it may be.


Here’s the perspective of a Firefighter in Philadelphia:

“Dr. Ford went up a flight of steps while at a party with four to six people of whom she only remembers four. No one remembers ANYTHING about the story she has told.”Someone else” came up the steps behind her (she doesn’t know who). That person shoved her into a room, onto a bed and began to assault her while another person laughed. The other person jumped onto the bed twice whereupon they ALL fell to the floor.

She was able to get up, run out of the room (fearing for her life) and what does she do? She doesn’t run DOWN the UNBLOCKED steps and out the door the way she came in which is about the most basic survival instinct you have. Instead, she runs across the hallway and locks herself into the bathroom.

She waits until her attackers go downstairs before she decides to then run down the steps THROUGH the party and out the front door. AND NO ONE NOTICED THAT? At a SMALL, intimate gathering? She said it wasn’t significant enough for her friends to remember because nothing happened to them.

You’re a woman. A close friend of yours FLEES A PARTY EARLY IN TERROR (‘I thought Brett was going to kill me’). And NOTHING is ever said about it? You don’t ask her “Hey what happened to you last night?” “Are you OK?” “HOW DID YOU GET HOME?” We know women talk with each other about the smallest details in their lives. Even if she said “I’m fine, I don’t want to talk about it” YOU WOULD REMEMBER THAT!

In fact, that is often one of the most common witness statements you hear in a case like this. “I don’t know what happened but my friend was very upset etc.” Nothing. None of that at all. No one remembers HER, the PARTY, the HOUSE, any disturbing incident. This case is remarkable BECAUSE there is such an EXTENSIVE lack of basic evidence. She conveniently remembers NO KEY DETAILS and her statements are so carefully crafted that they can mean almost anything (thus avoiding a slander charge).

I’ve been on plenty of staircases in my life. Small residential stairs are fairly intimate and you almost instinctively turn around if someone else is on the steps at the same time you are. Someone would have to catch up to her while she ascended the step in order to get close enough to push her into the bedroom otherwise she makes it to the bathroom. This would mean that BOTH the people who were in the bedroom with her would have had to run up the steps after her (no one saw anyone running toward the steps) and her testimony indicates they weren’t running up behind her.

Otherwise, she would have been in EXTREMELY CLOSE PROXIMITY to them as she started up the steps. That means BOTH KAVANAUGH AND JUDGE would have had to be at the bottom of the stairs when she started up, and there is no way she didn’t know they were the people behind her (if there even was a set of steps, a house or a party in the first place). So not only does her written story not stand up, the physical evidence doesn’t either. She isn’t telling the truth.” Denny Merrigan

Resistance, obstruction

Denny’s post illustrates that the Democrats aren’t interested in truth, they are interested in “resistance” and obstruction.

Matt Walsh in the Daily Wire said some things that ring true. A few of these are paraphrased from his article:

Democrats held the allegations until the last minute.

Democrats are “entertaining wild stories from emotionally unbalanced women” (rape trains? Gang rapists? They way they told it, those young men should have been MS-13 members. Spare me).

Democrats never actually asked Dr Ford any questions of substance.

Democrats spent most of the time focused on yearbook scribbles instead of real questions.

[So why is there now a demand for another investigation? There have been SIX previous FBI investigations of this man.]

“Nothing to investigate. The only thing they can do is ask the people who were allegedly involved or allegedly present. All of them have already been asked under penalty of felony and already denied that the party took place. What else can they say about a party that never occurred? There are only so many ways to say, “This didn’t happen.” Do Democrats want them to say it again in Greek? Do they need to draw a picture of the thing not happening? Do they need to sing it?” Matt Walsh

Constitution at risk

Democrats will never accept a Conservative to replace Kennedy, even though he was once Kennedy’s assistant. Because it would tip the court right…and they can’t have that. They’ll keep demanding more and more investigations, and if he is ultimately confirmed, they’ll try to impeach him. But above and beyond the lies and the terrible destruction of a good man’s career, this whole thing is simply rooted in hate for the President.

Our country is reeling under this division- white vs black, men vs women, liberal vs conservative, Democrats vs Republican…all of it destroys the very fabric of our nation. The left is and has always been mentally unstable. Their shrieking and screaming, and a complicit press that believes everything they hear simply means that the entire Constitution is in jeopardy. There is no longer any due process because people are tried in the court of public opinion rather than a court of law. First amendment, 2nd Amendment, 4th Amendment, 5th and 14th Amendments…they are all under serious attack and honestly may not survive at all.

Benjamin Franklin warned us. “You have a Republic…if you can keep it.”


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